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Yes, I do Botox

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Yesterday I posted some stories about getting Botox and was flooded with messages. Some praising Botox, some praising me for being open about it, some talking shit, some judging, some questioning my parenting skills (?)…you know, the usual. But ultimately I posted the Stories to 1) bring you in on my Mommy Makeover experience, 2) to let you know I do do Botox, and 3) to shed some light on the topic in case you were interested. I did receive a ton of questions so let’s just dive right into those and I’ll throw in my experience and advice along the way.

When did I start using Botox?

I first did Botox before I got pregnant. I had heard incredible things about the med spa Facile in West Hollywood and thought I would try it out. I went in without a plan–I was just going to hear what they had to say. I left with baby Botox (a few tiny units in my forehead–8 to be exact) and a list of treatments that I wanted to try out, including microneedling. I was 29.

At that point my fine lines were starting to show with certain faces I was making. I have TERRIBLE vision so I squint a lot, which is why I have crows feet. I don’t have 11’s (the deep wrinkle people sometimes get between the eyebrows), but I do have fine lines on my forehead (genetics). I was told a few small units of Botox would be considered preventative. In other words, rather than letting those wrinkles get deeper by me constantly making these faces, let’s put a stop to it by paralyzing those muscles.

And okay, I get that it sounds weird (maybe even dangerous?); BUT, not only do I trust my technician (Breana Wheeler), I know plenty of people who do Botox recreationally and medically so I feel it’s safe. Obviously everyone should do their own research before getting anything “done” but that’s just my opinion.

Is it too early to start in your 20’s?

Honestly, it all depends on your genetics and skin. Some people develop wrinkles earlier than others and that might mean in their early 20’s. If it were me, I would do it at the first sign of fine lines. And when I mean first sign, I mean you have lines without forcing them to be visible. I don’t want angry parents knocking on my DMs, okay!

Had I known more about Botox earlier, I 100% would have started around 26/27, rather than 29.

How long until I saw results?

For me it was about 1 week. When you leave your appointment all you will see are tiny pricks from the needle. You won’t see results right away (sadly). You can’t exercise, wear hats, do facial massage, etc. because you don’t want to mess with the way the Botox sets in.

Is Botox safe while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No. I waited until I was done with both (just being super clear here!) before getting my Botox. Hence, the Mommy Makeover.

How much does Botox cost?

Hard to answer this because every place is difference but I’ve heard anywhere from $9 – $17 per unit is common. Despite price, make sure the place you choose is reputable, clean, experienced, and understands your needs. I would pay a little extra per unit to ensure I’m seeing someone with a light hand who won’t make me look like the Cat Lady (google it)…I always want to look natural and soft!

How long does Botox last?

Well that depends on the individual because everyone metabolizes Botox at difference speeds. For me I can go about 6 months between appointments. I also had to take a long ass break because of my pregnancy so I will be able to answer this better in a year. I know for some people they go every 3 months, it just depends on how your body responds to it.

Does it improve skin texture?

I want to say yes, but I think it’s primarily because your face is more relaxed. When your skin is still it’s baby smooth so ultimately when you have Botox and skin is still for a prolonged period of time it is bound to look smoother and more youthful.

How do you find someone conservative?

I’m the kind of person who loves a referral. I’m honestly way too lazy to read reviews and research (that’s why I have Paul lol), so if someone I trust can refer me that is my golden ticket. However, once I meet the person that is when I take my opportunity to confirm if they are for me or not. Facile came recommended to me a while back and when I went in and met with Breana I could instantly tell she was the right fit. She herself doesn’t look overdone, she barely wanted to do anything to me, and her entire description of what the Botox would do to me was very appealing–soft and natural.

Does it hurt?

Absolutely not. We typically ice the areas we inject to take the edge off the needle prick but it’s not even necessary. The needle is pretty tiny as is so all you feel is a pinch. There are parts that I literally feel nothing. Someone asked how long I’m sore for after and the answer is not at all. Breana told me that sometimes people can bruise so she recommends no alcohol 2 days before and after.

Did I get Botox because of my career?

No. In fact, I was sent a lot of backhanded compliments saying I’m a moron for getting Botox because I have no wrinkles and look great?? 1) Thanks 2) Filters are basically Botox without getting Botox, and 3) I’m a very secure person and do things because I want to, not because I feel like I need to.

I always appreciate feedback, suggestions, comments, questions, concerns, etc. but trust me, I’m a big girl and know that my 31-year-old ass was ready for Botox.

After giving birth, which is incredibly taxing on your body, and then having a baby for the last 4 months, bitch is tired. I have AGED. I spent months looking in the mirror and not really knowing what was different. I recognized that my swelling went down, my skin looked healthy, but something was off. It literally took me months to figure this out but I finally realized that the change in my face was age. A shocking realization, if I’m being honest. So yeah, Botox, Latisse (to make my lashes grow), and a hair appointment (later this week) were in order.

I know this is probably one of the most superficial posts I’ve ever written, but I’m just keeping it real. I value good skincare products and procedures and will always share the things I like (sponsored or not). If you have any other questions about Botox please leave them below in the comments.