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Life-Saving Travel Tips

After my first real vacation with Capri on board, I’ve learned a few travel tips that I felt crucial to share. Traveling can be such a pain in the ass (esp with a baby) so any little thing you can do to make your life easier is worth it. Listen, I’ve traveled a bunch in my life. Yes, it’s fabulous and great and I’m always super happy to jump on a plane if it means sunshine, cocktails, and bikinis but let’s be honest, there is NOTHING glamorous about the process. Even if you’re traveling first class you’re bound to deal with something unpleasant during the journey. Here is my list of life-saving travel tips to help you get through the hell of traveling.

Life-Saving Travel Tips:

-Don’t underestimate the uses of a good travel neck pillow! I recently started using the CALPAK Silk Travel Pillow (includes matching silk neck pillow, silk eye mask & clear tote). I had to hold Capri for 2 hours on the plane and even with no personal space, a regular seat, and my legs falling asleep I was comfortable! So I can only imagine what child-less people could do with this luxe silky set. I also love that the clear tote makes for a cute carry-on bag or beach bag.

-Invest in good luggage. I’ve been using CALPAK luggage for years (had the marble set and now rocking the rose gold) and life is smooth sailing when you can just roll your bags easily through the crows in the airport. Their bags are spacious, cute, and come in 3 sizes for all your traveling needs.

-Noise canceling headphones save lives. Pop those bitches in before take off, cover your eyes with a silky eye mask, get comfy with your neck pillow, and take a quick shot of tequila…see you in Cabo! No crying babies, annoying flight announcements, just you and your playlist.

-So I am WAY too lazy to drive all the way to the airport (hi, traffic!) for Global Entry. Instead I downloaded the mobile passport app and it basically acts as the same time-saving service but FREE! I mean…until everyone and their mom catch on to this I will be holding off on Global Entry.

-Get yourself a portable charger. Not all planes have plug-ins (even though it’s 2019) so I recommend always traveling with one of these bad boys.

-Have a little beauty pouch in your carry-on with these essentials: hand sanitizer, wipes, tissues, chapstick, lavender oil, eye patches, hand cream, face mist, Advil, and a roller. Trust me, you need them all and make sure you get minis so they pass TSA.

What are your life-saving travel tips? Share with me!