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1 Easy Step To Tight Skin

Last week I went in to get the Forma treatment by In Mode done on my face and neck. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things and since I’m still on this Mommy Makeover kick I thought it was only fitting to try it out. You know, anything to tighten the skin and make me look well-rested, younger, and more resilient. Casual Tuesday afternoon stuff.

While I love a natural look–the goal is to have flawless skin so I don’t have to wear makeup–I’m not against trying treatments that are non-invasive, safe, and don’t change my appearance. For someone who struggles with fine lines (thanks to genetics and lots of squinting), I am definitely a candidate for the Forma treatment, as it’s designed to tighten the skin. I’m also a big fan of a treatment that has absolutely no down time. I personally do not have the luxury of any down time after a treatment since I shoot content pretty much everyday, but social media aside, I doubt anyone has that kind of down time anymore either.

The treatment is done using a wand that heats up to a certain temperature, using radio-frequency energy to stimulate the formation of new collagen and improve elasticity. As we all know, collagen deteriorates as we get older so any way to preserve it is key to tightness. They use an ultrasound-like gel on the face so the wand just glides over your face in warm motions and it feels like a nice hot stone massage. There will be a constant beeping, letting the technician know which areas of the face are reaching the right temperature. We did 10 minute sessions on each side of my face and then did my neck as well. My neck is a place I’ve recently started paying more attention to within my skincare routine so I feel like this treatment just made up for all the times I didn’t take care of it.

Immediately after the treatment my skin felt super firm and tight. There was slight redness from the heat but it really just looked like a nice, natural flush. Results can develop over a 3 week period so it only gets better with time. I plan to go back for more sessions to get optimal results but I love that even after 1 session my face is nice and tight.

If you are interested in trying the Forma treatment head over to this site (www.inmodemd.com/physician-finder) to find a clinic by you!

Are you guys into fun treatments? Would you ever try the Forma treatment? Let me know below if you have any other questions!