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My Favorite Jewelry Brands

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I’m a huge fan of Five & Two. I recently learned that the designer, Bri, is the oldest of 3 daughters and their father is also a plumber. Random fun fact that I can relate to 🙂 I have been wearing her jewelry for years and can honestly say that it was THIS line that got me back into jewelry again. I went through a phase where accessorizing became a chore and I was no longer interested in planning out yet another element of my outfit. Five & Two makes it super easy to mix & match pieces and they all go together seamlessly, so once I was introduced to the line I was instantly obsessed and haven’t stopped accessorizing since.

Luv AJ is an OG love for me. I have always loved their edgy designs and now I wear the Amalfi hoops pretty much every single day. This is a brand I find very “wearable” if that makes sense. It’s stuff you can literally throw on and it instantly makes your outfit cooler and more put together. I truly think every girl needs their hoops in their jewelry collection.

If you’re looking for fine jewelry, aka real diamonds & gold, The Last Line is a fave. Definitely on the pricier side but I shower in all my pieces from their collection and the quality holds up. Lily and I have the BFF necklaces that we love, but I also wear their string bracelets with diamonds, as well as their simple chain bracelet with diamonds. They have a really unique way of styling jewelry, check their IG to see more.

Shashi is just SO fun. So much color and texture! I always bring my Shashi beaded and string bracelets with me on vacation. They add a pop of color and really all the tassels and sparkly beads photograph really well LOL. I’d say they are a more budget-friendly line so I usually load up so my arm looks nice and full when I rock this style jewelry.

Gorjana is the epitome of California girl vibes, you know? Very beachy, a little boho, dainty, and very layerable. That’s actually something I really love about the line, a lot of their pieces are pre-layered so you don’t even have to think (or measure). I also find that Gorjana has something for everyone — me, my mom, sisters, friends, etc. Kind of great for gift-giving season.

I found Ring Concierge on Instagram and was instantly obsessed. Everything they post I NEEEEEED. Lots of bling, stacking, etc. This is currently where I like to make my splurges, especially on all the custom items. I have a mini letter bracelet that says Paul and the mini letter ring with “C” for Capri and love them both so much. This one is definitely worth saving up for!

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