Introducing...Tan Lines! - Sivan

Introducing…Tan Lines!



Phew…I can breathe again. Well, almost. The nerves, anxiety, and stress I’ve endured over the past few months has been such a crazy experience but seeing your excitement has honestly been the only thing holding me together and keeping me moving forward. There were definitely moments of weakness where I felt like I should just give up because I took on WAY too much but I’m proud of myself for not giving up. It’s not in my nature to give up but I came damn close. I really want you guys to know that your positivity has meant so much to me throughout this process and I cannot wait to see you wearing Tan Lines!!!

I want to give you a little background on how this all came about. On our first family trip I struggled to find simple suits for Capri to wear on the beach. Everything was covered in glitter, sequins, ruffles, obnoxious colors, quotes, etc. I ended up ordering some cheap suits off Amazon from China and the fit and fabric was absolute shit. The idea of me creating swimwear was in talks late in 2018 but I was so overwhelmed with my activewear collab that I really didn’t feel I could focus on another project. After realizing the baby swim category had a major hole it was game on.

If you’ve been following me for a while now you know I love to travel and I often opt for tropical destinations or places where 90% of my suitcase is bikinis. I grew up in Israel, Hawaii, and California so the beach is a big part of my lifestyle. Swimwear just made sense. Matching mommy + me suits was just too cute (& necessary) to pass up. So in short, my travels and Capri (my baby) inspired me to create Tan Lines.

You might not remember this detail but one of my nail polishes was called Tan Lines back when I collabed with NCLA. I was torn between using my name or coming up with a new brand name for the line but Tan Lines was just too on brand to ignore. Once I said it out loud it was a done deal.

So, about the line. I wanted suits that would be flattering for any body type. Having had a baby 9 months ago I still don’t feel like my body has returned to it’s pre-baby shape and so I’m consciously dressing myself differently. I love a high-waisted bottom for the extra support and feel like my new [saggier] boobs can get away with tops that aren’t all about perky cleavage. Each piece was thoughtfully designed keeping in mind all different body types. I truly believe there is something for everyone in my collection.

The reality of creating a swimwear from scratch has been challenging, nerve-wracking, exciting, and so many more emotions. I hope you all love it as much as I do and I cannot WAIT to see you rocking Tan Lines!!! Make sure to tag me on IG so I can stalk you all 🙂