Phone Apps I Can't Live Without - Sivan

Phone Apps I can't live without


+ Instagram – No explanation needed, right? It’s one of my most active platforms personally and for my business.

+ Facebook – If you’re not a part of my Facebook group, I highly suggest joining (here). It’s a cool way for my entire community to connect and I love seeing you guys talking / giving each other advice and suggestions. I try to answer a lot of your questions that I can’t get to on DMs there, too.

+ Pinterest – Probably my favorite social media platform, though it’s more about inspiration. I’m constantly pinning and finding ideas on Pinterest, so if you’re not following me yet, you can here.

+ YouTube – My videos have slowed down since having Capri but I’m planning to step things up now that I’m in more of a flow. You can find a ton of beauty tutorials, vlogs, and home decor tours on my YouTube channel. I also have some Q+A sessions. Maybe I should do more?


+ VSCO – There are a million photo editing apps but this is my favorite. It’s easy, I like the filters, and it just works.

+ FaceTune – This app is great for fixing red eyes, making skin more tanned, fixing wine-stained teeth and basically editing yourself into whatever the fuck you want to look like.

+ Snapseed – This is Google’s photo editng app which is also a good one, especially if you like the funcitionality of Google platforms.

+ Retouch – I play around with different editing tools as you can see from this list. Depending on what I want edited, Retouch is also in rotation.

+ Planoly – I’m not psycho about my Instagram feed 24/7, but I do like things to feel cohesive. Planoly let’s you plan posts in advance so you can see your potential feed and it can auto-post for you. I love batch-scheduling a few posts when my brain is in caption mode and it’s honestly one less thing for me to think about each day. I don’t use it for every post, but if you use Instagram as part of your business, I can’t recommend it more.

+ Storyluxe – My graphic designer creates some of my Insta Story graphics but I also rely on this app for creating them myself. It’s easy AF to use and the product looks professional.


+ Amazon – Honestly, what the f*** did moms do before Amazon? We get as much delivered as possible, mainly to save time throughout the week. Let me know if you guys would be into seeing my typical weekly / monthly order on Amazon.

+ Instacart – I actually enjoy going to the grocery when I have enough time, but if I’m busy or traffic sucks, Instacart it is. I basically have a saved list for a couple different stores and edit it depending on our week.

+ Shopbop – I don’t use a ton of retail apps, but Shopbop is one that I do. It’s simple to use and makes finding items easy so I recommend it if you’re an avid Shopbop shopper.


+ Starbucks – Honestly, it’s such a waste of time to stand in line at Starbucks. I’ve used their mobile ordering while standing in line and my drink was done before I reach the front.

+ Doordash & Postmates – This is how we survived for the first few months of Capri’s life. We use one of these apps when we don’t have time to cook, are craving takeout, or are hungover.


+ iCalendar – I’m OCD about organization and I literally put everything on my calendar. iCal lets you color coordinate too which I’m a fan of.

+ Dropbox – I access this daily whether it’s saving files, sending images to my manager, or receiving information from a brand. It’s simply the best way to save a lot of shit while being able to access it from multiple devices.

+ Waze – A non-negotionable in Los Angeles and wayyyy better than Google Maps.

+ Sign Now – The paperless way to sign anything related to my business, usually contracts.

+ Keeper – How is it 2019 and we’re still having to memorize effing passwords?! Keeper let’s you store all of yours in one spot and saves them for logging into different sites / apps. Life-changing.

Any others I’m missing out on?