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What's In My Diaper bag

If you watched my IG Stories last week, you likely saw a peek into my “diaper bag”. I put quotations around it because it’s not technically a diaper bag, but that’s why I like it. When I was shopping for a bag before Capri was born, I was highly disappointed. Most of what I found was either too bulky, too plastic, or too damn ugly. So instead of compromising style, I did my thing and bought a bag I liked (it’s sold out but this version is similar).

To make things compartmentalized, which I realized is something you need with so much shit, I bought this tote organizer. I now have the functionality of a diaper bag without some ugly ass bag (no offense if you have one, just not my thing).

Now, for what’s actually inside the bag. These are items I’ve learned not to leave the house without, at least with the stage Capri is in.

+ Honest diapers (2-3)
+ Honest wipes – I either have a small pack or you can store them in something like this.
+ Hand sanitizer – Self-explanatory and I like Honest’s spritz version.
+ Bags to put dirty diapers inThese don’t leak and they cover odor well.
+ Dr. Bronner’s chapstick – If I have the diaper bag, I usually leave my purse at home. So I’ll stick a few personal essentials inside, like chapstick.
+ Kai hand cream – Another essential.
+ Extra onesie
+ RazBaby teether – Capri will lose her shit if she doesn’t have something to chew on.
+ Teether crackers – We like this brand.
+ Wubbanub pacifier
+ A toy – I try to change this up weekly and will link to a few favorites in the shopping widget.
+ Burp cloth
+ Nub sippy cup w/ water – These don’t leak everywhere which I appreciate.
+ Disposable pads – I was freaked out to change Capri in public (especially nasty bathrooms) at first, so these were a must. If you want to save and wash, I like this kind.
+ Bottle (and formula) This bottle stores formula which is genius.


What’s always in your diaper bag? And what bag do you use?