Aprés Swim Beauty Routine - Sivan

Aprés Swim Beauty Routine

During the summer I spend any and all downtime hanging by my pool. Of course, you already know I live in The Valley so it’s like 105º outside, which means dips in the pool is absolutely necessary. I try to plan it around my hair-washing schedule but sometimes you just have to live and jump in, you know? I think back to summers as a kid and it’s amazing how much more carefree I was about stuff like this. I didn’t care how many times I had to wash my hair per week, I wasn’t concerned with running makeup, chlorine ruining my hair color, sunscreens drying out my skin, sun exposure giving me wrinkles, etc. etc. etc. !!!

Buuuuuut back to reality. I’m now in my 30’s; time is of the essence and I spend a lot of time and money maintaining my hair / skin so yeah, planning is necessary. However, it doesn’t have to be such a chore if you have the right tools. Walmart has made it super easy (since you can order online obviously) by curating some of the best beauty products that are universally great for any look. I was so pleasantly surprised that while buying my household essentials I could also snag myself a Gucci perfume (Richard better watch out lol)!

Let me break it down so the next time you hit the pool you can enjoy the little bit of self care that comes after. Here are products I recently ‘Added To Cart’ on my last Walmart shopping trip:


+ Body Mist – A little spritz of body spray to freshen up your scent (last I checked chlorine still smells like bleach – yuck). I personally love the Jo Malone Neroli & Basil scent, as it reminds me of Italy. So if you’re stuck at home this summer with major FOMO grab some of this stuff and spritz away!

+ Chapstick – I do have an addiction to lip balm, but I’m not even mad or ashamed. My lips are hydrated, protected, and always minty. Burts Bees chapstick has Vitamin E and Peppermint so your mouth / lip area gets a nice little perk with 100% all natural ingredients.

+ Moisturizing SPF – The real challenge with sun protection is reapplying! Am I right?! If you’re like me, applying SPF to the face can be a real bitch. They tend to be thick, white, and just hard to apply. But not ALL SPFs are created equally – the Elta MD one has been my go-to for years (I talked about it in this post here) for it’s hydrating properties while also protecting. This one in particular is also tinted so you get a nice color with some coverage, giving you a nice even complexion. Pop this in your beach bag and re-apply, hassle-free, as often as necessary while in the sun.

+ Hydrating Face Mask – This little bit of self-care is just SO nice after a long day in the sun. Your skin is taking a beating between the rays and water, so treat it to a nice mask to restore, repair, and relax. Peter Thomas Roth makes a super lux 24K Gold mask that is as fabulous as it sounds! I save this one for days when my skin is really in need of some R&R.

+ Hair Treatment – Like I said, hair color is $$$…preserve your strands and color with a hair treatment every now and then. Olaplex has some of the best masks to keep your hair looking luscious and healthy, while also protecting it from the heat.

Do you guys have any go-to post pool products you’re loving? Share them with me below!

This post is in partnership with Walmart. As always, all opinions are my own.