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Here's How to Prep your body for Vaca

Our last trip to Cabo was my first after having Capri and I won’t lie and say I felt completely confident in my body yet. But it got me thinking about what I do to prep my body and health for vaca and realized I’ve never shared these tips. Til now! If you’re going on a trip this year that involves 24/7 bikini time, bookmark this for later.

+ Drink a shit ton of water – Seriously, I up my intake to about a liter a day a couple of weeks ahead of time. Yes, you’ll pee 1,000 times a day but it really does help your body detox + stay full, plus it’s good for your skin. Add lemon and cucumber for extra benefits and to make the flavor less boring.

+ Add in more weights and cardio – I usually do a good amount of both, but I’m more strict with myself leading up to vacation. I visit my trainer 3x a week and do my treadmill circuit (shown below) a few days a week. And LOTS of squats. Basically, try to move as much as possible and burn fat with weights. Paul and I will do walks at night too, which adds in a few thousand more steps a day.

+ Cut down on unhealthy carbs – The real way to see your body change is via good food choices. I cut out as much bread, donuts, wine (ugh), and heavy sushi up to a month ahead of time if I’m really trying. Instead, I eat a lot of healthy fats, carbs, and veggies. Basically a Meditteranean Diet. Fish, brown rice, avocados, eggs, water-dense veggies, you get it. Then when I’m on the trip, I don’t give a f*ck.

+ Prep – The week of the trip, I’m OCD about getting my skin and body ready. I get a mani-pedi, I exfoliate the shit out of my body, use NÂș32 tanning cream, obviously, I deep condition my hair, I do a face mask, and basically pamper myself the week leading up. Necessary, obviously. The night before we leave, I slather myself in body oil to give my skin a final drench so I don’t have to pack as many products.

Are you heading anywhere soon?