Summer Tanning with New Bali Body: Real + Fake - Sivan

Summer Tanning with New Bali Body: Real + Fake

It’s no secret that I love to be tan – preferably a little mixture of real and fake because old age / wrinkles. I don’t mind a good old fashioned suntan via the sun on my body (as long as SPF is involved), but my face is off limits. I’ve seen far too many scary images of what the sun can do to a face so I’m strictly using self-tanner on my face. To be honest I’ve become somewhat of a pro in this department so take it from me on the following tips.

Bali Body has been my go-to tanning oil for years! Their gold tanning oil is a staple in all of my beach bags (you can literally find a half used bottle at the bottom of all my travel bags, too). I lay out with this oil and it makes my skin look like I just spent 2 weeks in Mykonos…THAT kind of tan! BB recently came out with 2 new tanning oils – Peach & Grape – and both are so yummy. They smell juicy and tropical and give an even deeper tan. My suggestion is to get familiar with how your skin does with the natural gold oil and then move onto the more intense stuff.

For my face, I love their Face Tanning Water. It’s really easy to use and gives a nice nautral-looking color. Self tanner can be a little intimidating but the process of applying the Face Tanning Water is simple: just apply it with a cotton pad like a toner. I think where a lot of people get it wrong is how much to apply. I always make sure there is an even layer, so use a little extra if necessary so it dries evenly. I also recommend doing this during the day so you don’t have your pillow to interfere with the way it dries. These are the type of things that will ensure your color looks real!

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