Powder Room Before + After - Sivan

POWDER ROOM Before + After

At long last I’m putting together the powder room remodel post. Out of all the bathrooms in my house (3), I was most excited to do this one. Reason being, the other 2 (master & Capri / guest) had to be somewhat neutral and functional, but this one I wanted to have a little fun. It’s a small little bathroom off the pool and laundry room so I felt it needed a little something to make it special.

I 10000% knew a statement tile had to happen. I found the floor tile by Bedrosian on Instagram and immediately fell in love. It’s black and white so really anything goes with it (believe it or not I actually have some plans to add a pop of color in here in a big way – stay tuned on that), which is something that really appealed to me. Not only could I keep the bathroom “neutral” with this style and color tile, I could also add wallpaper or paint the walls and the floor will still look great.

This bathroom is considered a “wet room” since there is an open shower. To be honest, I wanted to rip out the shower since we have never (not even ONE time) used that shower, but Paul wouldn’t let me (“it’s good for resale value” insert rolling eyes emoji). Whatever. I put my fiddle fig plant in that corner and I can now water it and let the water spill everywhere since there is a drain in the floor. Guess I found the positive in that situation lol.

The remodel of this bathroom took longer than expected because I converted the door that leads to the laundry room into a pocket door. We originally had a regular swinging door and it was eating into the space too much. PLUS, there’s already a swinging door that leads outside to the pool and they were literally banging into each other – annoying – so once had to go. Now the space feels a lot more open and makes more sense. So, long story short, since I wanted the pocket door I had to re-wire the electrical in the laundry room yada yada yada…it’s always a chain of effects with these “simple” remodels.

I opted for other space-saving tricks in this bathroom like installing a floating toilet. My dad was very persistent about this happening and I’m really glad we went for it. Even though I don’t fully have this space styled all the way, I like that the bathroom isn’t being consumed by the toilet. The whole sink situation is called a vessel. It’s a free-standing sink with a base or stand. There was no space for a real vanity so I just did a clean vessel with exposed pipes. I like the whole look for a powder room.

I think a good formula for small powder rooms is bold / printed tile, colored walls, statement mirror, simple light fixture, and either cohesive hardware throughout (ie: black, brass, stainless steel, etc.). I haven’t even told anyone yet, but I really do want to paint the mirrored wall a color and change out the mirror for something more exciting…oopsy! #divorce

Listed out where I got everything down below.



Listing out where I got everything for this bathroom:

+ TileBedrosian Tile (for floor and wall)

+ Faucet, shower head, controls, plumbing, and toiletMy House Plumbing in Tarzana

+ Doors – Pocket & Swinging from Home Depot

+ MirrorWayfair

+ Sconces – Lights.com but similar here.

+ Toilet Paper holderAnthropologie

+ WastebasketCB2