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My Summer to Fall Skincare Swaps

The Valley is notorious for lagging when it comes to fall or cold weather in general. And while I honestly don’t mind because I live for rosé and sun, by October 1, I’m ready for 65 degree weather (our version of fall). It’s that time of year where I’m forced to go through my closet and swap out my summer essentials for fall attire, and the same goes for my beauty products. You didn’t think I used the same sh*t all year did you?

I’ve always believed in the power of different products for different seasons. Yes, you can use some year-round, but personally, I like products that solve a specific problem in my life. So when my skin starts to flake, I want products that will keep things youthful and hydrated to the max.

Keep reading for my fall skincare swaps, all from a brand that I’m obsessed with, Nuori. BTW, if you haven’t heard of them, stop what you’re doing and stalk their line at Dermstore. From the packaging (clean skincare aesthetic FINALLY) to the fact that they hand-make every product to the 100% natural label, I’m obsessed. You’re about to be, too!

+ Enriched Hand Wash – My latest freakout has been surrounding my hands. Specifically, I’m on a mission to keep them from looking haggard by the time I’m 40. This plant-based hand soap gets your hands clean (no residue, which I absolutely hate) but it doesn’t dehydrate your skin (something I hate even more). Plus, it looks chic AF in our bathrooms.

+ Enriched Hand Lotion – I have one of these in basically every room of the house. It’s that legit. I find that the hydration lasts so I don’t need to apply 100 times a day like so many other hand lotions. The best part? It’s made with antioxidants like white tea extract and vitamin E which essentially protect your skin from pollution and the sun aka what ages our hands.

+ Vital Hand Cream – Told you I was insane about my hand care. This is my on-the-go staple and you’ll find one of these in every purse, my car, Capri’s diaper bag, etc. It’s catered more to hands exposed to weather and I also find that it keeps my manicures staying intact more, likely due to how hydrating it is. And don’t worry, no nasty residue on your steering wheel.

+ Vital Body Balm – OK moving on to the body. I’m veryyyy picky when it comes to body lotion or balm so I was actually shocked at my love for this. It’s not one of those balms that takes 7 years to dry before putting your jeans on either. I don’t have time for that. Pro tip: Layer the hell out of this and wear socks to bed if your feet are cracking or overly dry. Not sexy, but efficient.

+ Perfecting Body Oil – If I’m feeling extra bougey, I layer this oil on top of the body balm. Oil should always be applied last whether on your face or body and it’s my secret for keeping skin fresh AF no matter the season. It gives you that glowing, hydrated finish and restores skin’s elasticity. If you’re pregnant, drench yourself in this to avoid stretch marks.

+ Lip Treat – Moving to the face now. I’m a lip treatment hoarder and never go to bed with bare lips, especially in colder weather. Your skin literally heals as you sleep so it’s a waste not to take advantage of that time with something nourishing. I use this every night before bed and I’ll even throw some on my cuticles or brows if they’re drying out. Love a multitasking product.

+ Supreme-C Serum Treatment – You guys are always asking about Vitamin C products I like and I’m officially adding this to my approved list. This is a set of 2 10-day treatments and going into fall is the perfect time to do it. It’s made with vitamin c (obviously), hyaluronic acid (soooo good for hydration), glycerin (helps to retain moisture), and a few other natural products that are magical.

+ Vital Eye Cream – Last but not least, the eyes. I don’t settle for shitty eye cream because it’s one of the first areas to show aging. No thanks! What’s special about this formula is that it’s fragrance free so it’s cool on even super sensitive eyes. It’s hydrating, de-puffing, and basically everything you need in a lux eye cream. Dab it on with your ring finger under your eye and all the way around your eyebrow for maximum benefits. PS I learned to use eye cream around my mouth for smile lines so just another reason to invest in this.

Do you use the same products year-round or switch it up like me?

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