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Tips On A Comfy (But not too comfy) space

When we moved into our current home, I knew I needed to give our guest room a face-lift. It was cute in our last house, but like everything with this style revamp, I wanted it to feel slightly more elevated and classic – with a boho vibe. Less cutesy, more chic. And I f*cking love how it came out. Some of my family actually likes it a little too much (you know who you are!). Let’s be real. We all want a guest room that is comfortable, but not too comfortable to where we have a friend or family camping out for weeks, ya know? Only half kidding.

To get the 411 on our updated guest room + my tips on creating the perfect balance of comfy and GTFO, read below.


+ Our guest room is somewhat small, so I wanted a bedframe without a headboard. This one is to-die-for and doesn’t take up extra space.
+ We have this duvet cover in fawn. Great price and lots of cute colors.
+ Don’t skimp on the throw pillows just because it’s a guest room. I finished the bed with a few of these.
+ Our rug.
+ Woven basket for extra blankets and pillows for guests. Also got one as a hamper for the room.
+ Candle and matches for a vibe. I’m obsessed with these black matches and this ceramic striker.
+ Older rattan lamp, similar here and here.
+ Older cain chair, similar here and here. Also obsessed with this detailed version.
+ Stool options 1, 2, and 3.



+ Keep the essentials (extra phone charger, any remotes, white noise machine, etc.) that you’d need in your own room for sleeping.
+ Have a cute tray. If I’m feeling extra domestic, I’ll put together the guest’s favorite candy, some magazines, a sleep mask, and a mini bottle of vino on a tray.
+ Leave empty hangers and at least one open drawer for guests. If you don’t have a dresser in your guest room, consider closet organizers like this.
+ Keep a cute bathroom box stocked with mini shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothbrush and toothpaste. Leave this in the bathroom if you have an extra room, and if they’ll be sharing with you, leave in their bedroom so they can do their thing when they want.
+ Nicely write out the WiFi code and any confusing remote instructions and put it in the nightstand.
+ Include an extra throw blanket and a fan so that guests can have their temps of choice.
+ Have a hamper so there’s a designated spot for their dirty clothes.
+ Create a clean, neutral space that everyone feels comfortable in.
+ Do the damn sheets before anyone sleeps over. I like to but an air purifier in the room as well, especially since we have the dogs.