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Morning Routines People With a life will appreciate

Listen, I’m all for the sound of some blissed-out morning routine involving sage and an hour of meditation or a yoga class, but let’s cut the shit. No one has time for that, and if you do, can you tell me your secrets? Even before I had Capri, I didn’t have hours (or quite honestly, the patience) to mimic some zen retreat every single morning. Also, I don’t know about you, but a checklist of 15 things to do before 7 a.m. sounds like hell.

While most of my mornings involve getting Capri up, getting myself ready, prepping for the day, and a bunch of other things, I do try to carve out SOME sense of a routine. It looked a bit different before Capri (shared that here) and I realized it’s been a while since I shared my mornings. I also wanted to share some ideas that I don’t do every day but I’ll throw in when I have the time. Consider this your guide to morning routine activities that promote a sense of calmness and motivation – all while letting you live your life.

+ Phone on Airplane Mode

With the prep for my self-tanner launch, another Tan Lines drop, and just regular business and life sh*t, I’ve been out-of-my mind stressed lately. My anxiety has been high and honestly, I’m feeling pretty crazy. So something that has been a god-send is leaving my phone on Airplane Mode until I’m ready to deal with the outside world aka my phone (DMs, emails, texts, etc.). I usually turn my phone on Airplane Mode once I’m done with work for the night and leave it like that until I’ve at least gotten Capri breakfast. Airplane Mode essentially blocks all notifications on your phone so you can ignore everyone until you’re ready. LIFE CHANGING.

+ Music and breakfast

Paul makes me breakfast every morning and I’m a lucky bitch for that, I get it. And in general, mornings are one of my favorite parts of my day because of how we approach them. We turn on music, open up the blinds, talk about our days, and connect. Now that we have Capri, I appreciate the lightness of the family morning time even more, and I think she loves it, too.

Even if you have a crazy schedule, try to make the mornings feel fun and light. Connect with your family or partner if you have one and try not to let the stress creep in from the minute you wake up. I’m slowly getting into podcasts (sharing some I’ve been on lately soon!), and also like the idea of listening to a motivating one to start your day. I know my girl Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential swears by them.

+ Super quick skincare

OK so remember how I said I don’t always get to everything on the list? This being one of them, but when I do, it feels 100. This tip is more for those of you who work from home or have flexible schedules, like me. If you’re already getting fully ready each morning, skip this one.

If I’m up before Capri or if Paul is getting her up, I love spending 5-10 minutes on myself. This literally involves a cold splash of water to my face, maybe some ice rolling if I’m puffy or tired, a quick Vitamin C serum or Coconut Face Mist, brushing my teeth, and switching from PJs to this loungewear. It’s 5 minutes and makes such a difference in my morning motivation. I’ll eventually get ready later in the morning, but this quick routine helps set the tone for my day.

+ Healthy smoothie

Ever since doing my detox, I’ve been sporadic about a true breakfast. I notice that I actually feel A LOT better if I start my day with this smoothie and then eat breakfast (eggs + avocado toast) later in the morning (at like 10). If you’re feeling bloated or unhealthy, try this. It’s ugly but actually tasty and superrrr energizing / filling. Takes 5 minutes and you could even prep most of it the night before if you’re short on a.m. time. I’m also not above buying green juices from the store – it’s just an expensive habit.

What does your morning “routine” look like?