Nº32 is here! - Sivan

Nº32 is here!


I’m 32 and Nº32 is officially available to shop! + Lux Unfiltered has been the slogan of my blog for years – in short, it’s my interpretation of attainable luxury in an unfiltered voice. Very me, right? When it came time to decide what my brand name would be it was an obvious choice. AND, nothing solidified that decision more for than when I asked YOU guys what it should be called and majority of your answered “+ Lux Unfiltered, DUH!”

So, why Nº32?

Well, the number has always been my favorite. It runs in my family – we ALL love 32.

The thought behind the product is simple, really. Everyone was always asking me how I’m so tan and how I edit my photos. Like, both questions at the same time, always. I came to the realization that if anyone saw me IRL they would probably be disappointed that I’m not AS tan as my photos. Plus, I was tired of the editing. I have a kid, I have 2 brands to run, I have a life, the last thing I want to spend time doing is editing myself to look more tan for Instagram.

And trust me, I’ve tried countless self-tanning products. They would either dry me out, make me stink, look super orange, have a messy application, or a combination of all of the above. I wanted something easy, hydrating, natural-looking, and fresh smelling.

The Process

Like everything we create, it takes lots and lots and lots and lots of time. Oh, how I wish I could buy myself more time. In life, like just in general LOL.

But anyway, the process began about a year and a half ago, while I was pregnant with Capri. I walked into a lab in Los Angeles (after spending literally months trying to find one that can do a self-tanner) extremely pregnant and explained the dream product. We went over everything I like and dislike about all products I’ve tried and started working on a formulation that embodied my ideal self-tanner. It took many round of formulations before landing on THE ONE.

There times when the formula was too sticky, too sweet, not hydrating enough, etc. I had to be super patient every step of the way. You definitely don’t want to rush this process. Once I was 10000% obsessed with the product it was time to do testing. Stability testing checks the quality of your formula under different environmental parameters. Compatibility testing confirms that your formula vibes well with your packaging (which btw also was a whole entire process that we can talk about another day). Needless to say, the testing itself took months but I was more concerned about releasing a safe and quality product than rushing into it.

Fast forward to now and we have worked tirelessly to bring this product to life. I truly cannot believe I created a REAL beauty product. It’s surreal to look at this tube and think that WE (Paul and I) made it!!!

Obviously the overall packaging had to be within my aesthetic. That part was incredibly fun but also so nerve-wracking. When it’s your brand suddenly every little decision becomes SUCH a big deal! Even when you’re as decisive as me, when you’re putting all your own money and time into such a big project you are scared shitless of f*cking up.

Paul has been heavily involved in this project since Day 1. He understood my vision and goals and really brought this product into fruition. With everything else going on there would be no possible way for me to release this product / brand without him and I am incredibly thankful to have such a dedicated business partner who shares my values when it comes to our own brand.

What’s the plan for + Lux Unfiltered?

SO MUCH! Each time I solidify an idea for this brand I get even more excited for what’s to come.

We are already working on our next formulation and have plans to release more products in the coming months / years. I really feel like this brand defines me and you know how much I love working on things that feel RIGHT.

Nº32 is our first product and our goal is to have it available year-round so you can keep your tan and glow anytime. It is currently only available on our website but I will keep you posted once it becomes available anywhere else, including internationally.

I truly hope you guys love this product as much as I do. I cannot WAIT to hear your feedback and see your results!

Thank you, as always, for all the support and excitement about this launch. You guys are the driving force behind me creating all my dream products!

And lastly, cannot wait to see you guys at the pop-up this weekend!!