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How to Afford young looking skin

I’m psycho about my skincare; think this is pretty clear by now. In fact, I’m willing to do almost much anything to keep it looking right and tight. And even though I know it’s magical, I’ve been sporadic about my commitment to retinol. Maybe Paul’s frugalness is rubbing off on me, but I can’t always justify the price point – especially when some retinol I’ve tried is irritating AF. Paying top dollar for painful redness? No thanks!

At least that was the case until Olay sent me their new (affordable) Regenerist Retinol24. Two words: GAME CHANGER. Not only can you still afford rent while using this product, but I’m blown away by the results. The last month has been insanity in my professional life and let’s just say it’s a time that should have aged my skin. With this miracle anti-aging product, though, my complexion is looking 100. Thank god! My skin wasn’t looking its best before I tried this (again, #stressed), and within a month, I’m barely even wearing makeup at this point because I’m obsessed with the results. And even when I’ve been sleeping MUCH less, you can’t tell. Again, thank youuuu, Olay.

If you’re new to retinol or have been holding out because of the $$$, I highly, highly recommend adding it to your routine ASAP. I mean, who doesn’t want more collagen production and younger-looking skin? You know I do. Plus, I live for multi-tasking products and retinol benefits include brightening, hydration, and smoother skin, all in one little bottle. There is actually 3 products in their retinol line, the night serum being my favorite. I love that this formula is gentle and created with vitamin B3 so it doesn’t make your skin go crazy. Definitely not a product to skip, especially now that we can actually afford it.

With this California dryness and my upcoming schedule, Olay’s retinol is a product I’ll use for life. You can see results pretty quickly but definitely use the products for 4 weeks for the best look. Your skin (and wallet) can thank me later!

Are you a retinol newbie? Down to try this one?

This post was sponsored by Olay. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.