TAN LINES RESORT Collection is live!

Tan Lines Resort Collection is officially LIVE TO SHOP. Ahhhhh!

Each launch day, I think I’m going to feel more chill about things but the reality is I probably never will. I pour SO much into these collections – they honestly each feel like a new baby LOL. I’m beyond appreciative of the support that you all have given to each of my collections and I doubt this drop will be any different. I’m driven to keep creating content and products that you guys love and I’m VERY excited to share the full Resort Collection today.

Like I shared in the Lookbook, we added new colors (some neutral, some anything but), visors (OBSESSED), new fits and I updated my favorite bottom, the Como, for even more perfection.

As I mentioned on Instagram, the merch is currently held up at customs but we’ll ship THE SECOND we have everything. You will still be able to place your order today but please be aware that we don’t currently have an exact ship out date (really hoping it clears ASAP!!).We will keep you updated on the status and if you do choose to order and need to cancel before it ships for any reason please send us an email (hello@shoptanlines.com) and we will refund you immediately.

We added more items to this collection inventory wise and fingers crossed everyone gets what they want. Please let me know feedback along the way as we’re always looking to improve.

Again, THANK YOU and let’s f*cking see those tan lines, ppl! Don’t forget to tag us as your orders come in, and even better, as you try stuff on. xoxo

Are you shopping the collection?