What I'm Actually Buying (and Not Buying) Capri This Season - Sivan

What I'm Actually Buying (and Not Buying) Capri this season

This is technically Capri’s second Christmas, but last year she was like 3 months old and basically a really cute blob. So…we’re treating this as her first holiday season since she’s more of a human now. We kinda do our own thing with celebrating Hannakuah while also incorporating a Christmas tree, and it’s basically a mix of all things holiday around here. And since Capri literally has every toy she could want (and I’m not OK with gross clutter around my house), we want to keep things minimal and meaningful. We’re not going crazy and buying her a bunch of stuff she’ll forget about the next day. We want to instill a sense of ownership and gratitude in Capri and Paul and I both agree that going quality over quantity with kid stuff is crucial. Instead of a million presents, we wanted to get something lasting, cute, and most of all, something she’d be distracted with for more than 5 minutes. Enter, the cutest play kitchen EVER. I mean… is it not?!

Paul and I love to cook, and so do our family members that watch Capri often, so the girl is obsessed with all things kitchen and food (like mama like daughter). She will literally spend hours in the kitchen if we let her. I scoured the internet for a play kitchen that wasn’t bright AF or overly cheap looking because aesthetic is important – another lesson for Capri. I’m OBSESSED with this set from Pottery Barn Kids which is no surprise since I love their stuff in general. Everything is always insane quality and even their kids stuff holds up like crazy. We decided to get it for Capri early since we knew this time of year would be super busy and we wanted her to have something fun to play with as mommy and daddy worked. Well, worked like a charm and she looooves it. Counting down the days ’til she can make her own eggs, though.

If you have kids or friends with kids who don’t want a bunch of crap this holiday season, I pulled together additional favorites. All of these Pottery Barn Kids items are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and amazing quality. I wouldn’t give Capri anything else!

Shop the widget to the right and don’t skip all the cute personalized stuff the brand has in this section. Capri would go insane for this wooden shopping cart and fake pasta (food obsessed) and I just ordered her the sherpa cover for her chair that she already has and LOVES.



This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn Kids. As always, though, all thoughts are my own.