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13 Things To Do When you're bored

I had this strange blog post idea one day as I was mentally making a list of all the random shit I intend to do when I have free time. Once upon a time that would have meant the next weekend, but these days the weekends mean I’m on full-time parent duty so “free time” is like 9:30AM-11:30AM when Capri is sleeping. And usually during her naps I’m trying to either work or relax. The point is, I never have spare time to do just do rainy-day type projects anymore, you know?

This whole concept was actually ingrained into my brain back when I worked my first retail job at a clothing boutique. They (the boss) would say they never wanted to see us just standing around, that there was always something that could be done. It was mundane tedious stuff but stuff that would make the business run smoother and ultimately result in a more organized, clean environment. Fast forward to now and yeah, I would tell my employees the same shit (if I had any).

Anyway, for anyone who finds themself with free time that they just don’t know what to do with, I’ve put together a list of things that I find productive and a good use of time. I actually have this list in my Notes section on my phone and as I think of things I add to it so I don’t forget. I have managed to tackle some of this over the holidays since I had some down time and help from Paul. I feel SO much better after decluttering, reorganizing, and getting a better grip on my stuff.

Here you go:

Things To Do When You’re Bored:

+ Clean your makeup brushes.

+ Match your socks and toss any stragglers.

+ Clean our your closets – personal, hall, storage, garage, etc.

+ Swap out all hangers – toss or give back the dry cleaning hangers and use one cohesive style.

+ Read a book – stimulate your mind if you’re not in the mood to clean.

+ Unsubscribe from crappy catalogs that come in the mail.

+ Unsubscribe from junk emails that clog your inbox.

+ Clean out your computer files / desktop. Also clean out paper files if you keep those.

+ Empty the trunk of your car.

+ Throw away old magazines, beauty products, expired food.

+ Go through your junk drawer and organize it with a drawer divider.

+ Match up your Tupperware with their lids & get rid of anything missing a lid. Label your Tupperware while you’re at it.

+ Rotate your mattress.

What do you do when you have free time and feel like being productive?