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6 Things Paul + I like to do for dates

Paul and I just got back from Napa (in case you missed my weekend full of buzzed IG Stories) and it was veryyyy needed. We work together and are basically together 24/7 which is the problem. We’re constantly in work or parent mode, not necessarily relationship mode. And as anyone who works with a spouse will tell you…this sh*t can be hard.

Obviously we can’t galavant in Napa every weekend by ourselves so we’re conscious about connecting while we’re home in the Valley. Sometimes it happens at 3 p.m. and sometimes it’s after Capri goes to bed, but we try our best to make it happen.

If you’re wanting to spruce up your own dating situation, here are 6 things we like to do:

+ Cook: If we’re on Capri duty, we pour rosé and make a meal together. This usually involves me trying to make something and Paul attempting to direct me, but it’s still fun. Always make the guys do the dishes and refill your wine glass.
+ Furniture shopping: Whether it’s something more boujee like Restoration Hardware or finding everyday items at HomeGoods, it’s one shopping excursion we can agree on.
+ Open houses: We haven’t done this in a while but it’s been on my mind as we’re looking for inspiration for our outdoor renovation. No one needs to know you aren’t actually looking to buy the house.
+ Go to Malibu: My absolute favorite date is heading to Malibu and eating by the water. We blast music in the car (actual adult music, not Baby Shark) and always find ourselves the most relaxed on these nights. If you don’t live by the coast, find another nature-y place you can unwind together.
+ Local sushi: On the other hand, our weekly go-to is a local sushi spot. Even if we have Capri with us, it feels like a family date. Once in awhile we’ll get the chance to go solo and actually have a conversation but I love having our local go-to that feels like us.
+ Concerts: This usually ends in a hangover so I don’t suggest doing it during the week (at least not with a child). Definitely one of our faves for a weekend night though!

One more tip to making date nights actually happen, or at least be easy: have versatile items in your closet that work for any type of date. You guys have seen what shape I can turn my closet to in when I don’t know what to wear and that ALWAYS pisses both Paul and I off.

I have a small section of go-to dresses that work for any type of event or date night, including this black midi dress from Verishop. Verishop is somewhat new to me but after discovering a few brands I’m obsessed with on their site, I’m hooked. They also carry OG favorites like ASTR and LoveShackFancy. I also scooped this similar mini dress for spring and summer. Verishop offers 1-day shipping so if you have a date coming up this weekend, you know what to do! I’ll link to other date-approved dresses to the right so you have options.

Your guy can thank me later for not having to wait 2 hours while you get dressed. Even though let’s be honest, I’m waiting on Paul most of the time.


















This post is sponsored by Veri Shop. As always, thoughts + opinions are my own.