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Ways to Help While social distancing

For the most part, I’m choosing to keep content here and on Stories as normal as possible. I’m very aware of our current state but I also realize I am not the resource for all things Covid-19. While I’m going to be sharing useful posts like tips on working from home and how to help, I’ll also be continuing with regularly scheduled programming per the requests from 99% of you. I’m working on finding my own balance in between this new norm, just like we all are. Since I do want to do my part to be a useful human, other than social distancing like crazy, I’m finding ways to help others in more dire need. If you are too, consider these options:

+ Support small and local businesses

Small and local businesses don’t usually have as much of a solid savings/foundation, and therefore they have less long-term support in these times. And without business…well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what could happen. Whether it’s ordering a pizza from your local place, getting an eCard to your usual salon, ordering wine from local online wineries, or buying something from a local online boutique, consider buying small.

Don’t forget about in-home services either. For example, if you have a house cleaner who relies on you for steady income but you don’t want them coming, consider paying them anyways (if you can). I know that it’s not the time to be shopping much in general for a lot of people, so this isn’t a guilt-trip. Just a note that if you are shopping and have the choice, try to support businesses directly affected.

If you’re a small biz owner, leave your website in the comments so I can check you out!

+ Check-in

It’s easy to zone in on how this is affecting YOU but remember that there are tons of people out there who are suffering. Your friend that lives alone and has literally no human connection. Your friend who lost their job and is down on themselves. Someone who is sick. Someone who is across the world and stuck. You get it! I’m checking in with family and friends daily to make life feel as normal as possible.

+ Help those with compromised immune systems

I’ve seen amazing ideas on Instagram, so listing some of those here:

+ Buying groceries for your elderly neighbors, family members, etc. or doing it online.
+ Sending elderly people hand-written notes letting them know you’re thinking about them.
+ Purchasing essentials on Amazon and having them delivered to their door without stressing about what to buy.
+ Sending them easy meal delivery subscriptions or healthy snack services like premade smoothies, etc.
+ Cooking and delivering food to them.
+ Clean up their yard if their gardeners aren’t working or anything like this.
+ Same goes for those with babies at home or anyone you know with a compromised immune system.

+ Order DisneyPlus for a friend who can’t afford it (if they have kids)

Someone shared this the other day and I thought it was such a cute, thoughtful thing to do. Offering to get a family DisneyPlus or really any form of entertainment for a family with kids at home is very sweet.

+ Share useful information

Keyword: useful. Don’t bombard people with information and updates unless they are asking for it. If you see something that might be helpful, say to your friend who is now having to homeschool 3 kids, shoot them a nice text and the link. Share workouts you’re loving or beauty routines inspiring you with friends who would like it. Funny memes to your family members who are down. Etc. It’s a good way to connect as well.

+ Donate

Places to donate are changing daily based on what’s shutting down but local food shelters are a good place to start. You can also think about fostering a pet or donating your time at an animal shelter.

+ Be kind

Overall, I think we all need to remember to be more compassionate than ever. Rude comments online, judgment, selfishness, hoarding supplies when people are in need, etc are NOT acceptable right now. We’re all in this together and we’ll only get out of this together (just not physically LOL).

How else can we help?