Is the Hype Around Japanese Skincare Legit? - Sivan

Is the Hype Around Japanese skincare legit?

By now, you guys know my obsession with skincare is real. Because let’s be honest, what makes the biggest difference in how we look is the condition of our skin. I realized this about five years ago and have been addicted to perfecting my skin ever since. Other than being mindful about the foods/drinks I’m putting into my body, I’ve also gotten very picky about the products and techniques used on my face.

As I’ve gotten deeper into the skincare game and Richard has begun researching everything there is to know about skincare (shocker), there’s been a trend: Japanese beauty. Japanese women are the OG skincare guru’s and they’ve also been obsessing over ways to improve skin for centuries. This makes sense when you think about it because so many of the trending skincare tools date back to ancient Asian practices – jade rolling, gua sha, etc. I’ve loved my jade roller for years and now that I’m trying more Japanese skincare products, I won’t be straying far.

The latest addition to my Japanese skincare drawer is SK-II’s PITERAâ„¢ Essence which I picked up at Sephora and shared a few weeks ago. I knew it had a cult following but didn’t realize how many of you guys were addicted to it. My DM’s literally blew up.

I’ve been using Pitera Essence for a couple of weeks now and during this whole social isolation thing, I’ve been wearing less makeup. Because of that, I’ve had a chance to really see this product do its thing. Let’s just say I’m very impressed, and as Paul will tell you, I don’t lose my shit over something often – it has to be really, really good.

My skin has a new glow to it and while I wish I could say it’s due being extra healthy and detoxing during quarantine, that’s far from the truth. The Essence contains powerful ingredients that SK-II formulated over 40 years ago. When it works, why change it, right? A mix of yeast fermentation and over 50 micro-nutrients like vitamins, organic acids, amino acids, etc., this product does it all. It’s already brightening my skin, made my pores smaller, and cleared up some angry areas I had happening on my jawline. Basically, this magical little potion is the answer to Crystal Clear Skin and I’m here for it. Think I’ll toss my face makeup until future notice, actually.

Not only am I excited to be sharing more about this specific product, but now that I’m fully addicted to Japanese skincare, I’ll be trying more SK-II products in the near future. Stay tuned!

I’ll share exactly how to use this product, even though it’s super simple, over on IG Stories.

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Are you guys addicted to Japanese beauty, too? Any other SK-II products I need ASAP?

This post was sponsored by SK-II. As always though, thoughts + opinions are my own.