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What to Do When Your life is a hot mess

Honestly, I feel like I’ve come a long way since the beginning of quarantine. The beginning was ugly. Without our house cleaner who keeps my ass in check in terms of picking up after myself, my family to come over to help with Capri so I could get stuff done, and obviously without the usual upkeep appointments like blow drys, manicures, Pilates, etc…it was not pretty. And while I’m still struggling on working out, I will say I’ve pulled the rest together. Whether you’re currently a hot mess because of the pandemic or you’re reading this months from now and are in need of help, I’ve got you.

+ Schedule / batch your day

Making a list of everything you need to get done helps, but unless you take action, the hot mess will remain. Look at your schedule and find pockets of day to address different situations. If you’re most productive in the morning, do the tasks you’ve been putting off – even if it’s just ONE a day. If you lag in the afternoon, don’t rely on yourself to workout or do something you know you’ll push off. Instead, schedule the brainless task like ordering groceries or calling someone back for then. Likewise, if you need to run errands or do something that involves getting ready, batch all of those tasks for one day / time slot. If you need to clean your house, don’t schedule anything for that day so that you can be disgusting for as long as it takes.

Setting a schedule not only helps me be efficient, but it takes the guessing game of ‘what should I do next?’ out of the equation. I use this acrylic calendar and a cute notebook to schedule everything for the family.

+ Simplify

Very few of us can deal with chaos and still be productive. If I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed, it’s usually because my life needs to be simplified. This can range from going on a shopping freeze (returns and even unboxing things can add up!), saying no to all social obligations for a few weeks, recycling the same handful of dinners and meal planning, or doing a massive Spring Cleaning session to rid clutter. The last one takes time but I *always* feels 10 times better when I remove distractions and clear my space.

Sometimes I’ll even write out ALL my tasks that are sitting in the back of my head and then will start crossing out things that aren’t essential and cancel as needed. You can always add those things back into your schedule once you’ve taken care of shit.

+ Stop drinking

I said it. You know I love rosé more than most humans but let’s be real…drinking isn’t the most productive thing you can be doing. Even if you’re not drunk dialing your ex or doing something major, it can still lead to shitty sleep, hangovers and poor food choices, money spent, and all things that make us feel less than ideal.

+ Have go-to routines

Like I mentioned above, if I’m feeling all over the place, I stick to easy dinners with ingredients we always have on hand. Then I apply this thought to the rest of my life. I Steve Jobs it and reach for an outfit combination that I know works (these jeans, a crop top, and slides or these loungewear brands if I can get away with it). I cut down my skincare routine to cleansing balm, moisturizer, and eye serum – that’s it. I throw on my ‘hot mess transformation’ face if I have to look decent.

+ Consume less

Does anyone else feel like we’re constantly consuming content in some way? As a content creator, this is obviously part of my job but when I think about how much content I consume whether through TV, social media, podcasts,  Paul talking (lol)… there are very few times of the day where I’m not getting fed information. When I’m feeling a breakdown coming (half-joking), I cut that shit out. I’ll stick to relaxing music like jazz or even classical and basically go free from consuming as much as possible. It’s insane how quickly you feel lighter without all that noise.

+ Take a beat

When life is a hot mess, it’s easy to throw your physical and mental well being out the window. Been there! Neglecting yourself is only going to add to the insanity though so do your life a favor and spend time on yourself. You’ll always know my life is in shambles when I’m taking a bath at night because it’s one of the only ways I truly chill out. A workout can help too, but you just gotta find something that restores you. Believe me, you’ll get your life back in order much quicker if you can take a beat each day.

+ Delegate

Even if it costs money and even if it’s shit you can usually do on your own. When times are desperate, rely on others and all the amazing services we have access to. No judgements!

Is your life a hot mess right now?