Peach burrata salad

This summer has been ALL about peaches! I feel like I manifested this when I went on a rant one night on IG Stories about how peaches are not nearly as juicy, sweet, and enticing as the peaches in the movie James & The Giant Peach. THEN, my friend @christinebarraco introduced me to @peaches.la_ and life was never the same. They deliver the most delicious peaches I’ve ever tasted. Like no joke! Since then I’ve drawn inspiration from both Christine and another IG account I follow @wendybellissimo (her husband Joe cooks the most divine looking food!) for different ways you can enjoy a peach. Because while I’m currently ending each night with a sliced peach for dessert, I also want to eat them in salads, grilled, etc.

Here is a super simple & quick recipe for my go-to peach burrata salad I’ve been eating on the regular. It’s so refreshing and good, especially during these hot ass summer days.

  • 2 Peaches
  • Arugula
  • Burrata
  • Truffle Salt
  • Olive oil (the non-cooking good kind)
  • Balsamic reduction
  • Slice your peaches.
  • Lay a bed of burrata on a serving dish.
  • Add your burrata (cut up) and peaches.
  • Sprinkle truffle salt specifically on the burrata.
  • Drizzle a generous amount of olive oil over everything.
  • Drizzle your balsamic over everything.

TIP: For extra bragging rights, cut your peaches in half, remove the pit, and grill them with a little olive oil. This adds a little smokiness and honestly just makes for such good IG content 😉