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The Efficient Girl's Guide to looking presentable

I wouldn’t call myself lazy but I’m definitely a least-energy-required kind of person. I want things to be done efficiently. I don’t want to waste time on anything either. And while my job makes it seem like I have the luxury of spending my sweet ass time getting ready every day, I don’t. Most of the time I do the bare minimum to look presentable – and I want this to take no more than 20 minutes each morning.

So what’s the secret to looking presentable at all times – and quickly? Let me break it down.

+ Prioritize skincare

You know by now that I’m obsessed with skincare. I rarely go a morning or evening without my routine and I take it very seriously. If I spend the extra 5-10 minutes being consistent with my nightly routine (when I’m not in a hurry like the mornings), it shows. I can wear less makeup and have a much better starting point for products.

+ Long-lasting products

Like I said earlier, I don’t fu*k around with efficiency. I want products to last all day and I don’t want to spend time reapplying around the clock. Which is why you’ll find me in Smashbox’s Studio Skin Foundation a lot of the time. It’s long-lasting (as in 24 hours!) and oil-free, so it doesn’t settle into your pores or fine lines which I appreciate. You can build it up for fuller coverage if that’s your thing, but I find one application does the trick.

And if you’re not using a primer first, it’ll change your life. Seriously. If you want something to last all day, try a primer like Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer before foundation. Not only does this primer literally blur out imperfections, but it’s a gel that smoothes out skin and pores so it helps the next layer of makeup to stay on all day. Again, efficient!





+ Hair refresh each morning

I only wash my hair 1-2x a week so most mornings, it’s a QUICK refresh. Throw in some texture spray, re-curl a few front pieces, and you’re ready for those annoying last-minute Zoom calls or whatever else you need to look presentable for.

+ Spritz of perfume

Even if I haven’t showered that day (don’t judge me), a scent spritz can trick people into thinking that I have. Pick something light and airy so you smell clean instead of like you’re doused in perfume. I also always have a couple rollers in my purse in case I need to pop into a store or meeting.

+ Clean nails

Not gonna lie, I’m having a hard time not getting regular manicures and pedicures this year because I feel disgusting if my nails are messy. I’m getting better at doing them myself, though, and I also find that a weekly ‘bare manicure’ also looks fine. File, buff, apply nail oil, and then finish off with a topcoat. This won’t look as good as color, but it’s a lot more presentable than totally naked nails, IMO.

+ Brows on point

Like skincare, I’m obsessive about my brows. After all, they make a HUGE difference in how put together you look. So even on days I’m only wearing foundation, I’ll fill in my brows and brush them up using something like this.




This post was sponsored by Sephora. As always, though, thoughts are my own.