Nail Colors I Wear Non-Stop - Sivan

Nail Colors I wear non-stop

2020 has completely f*cked with my manicure game but I’m attempting to keep things looking somewhat presentable. While I’ll obviously never be on the level of a professional, here are the nail colors I’ve been switching up. Oh and I live for this OPI Nail Strengthener that Lily turned me onto, which I apply in between colors. I keep all my polishes in this organizer and clearly I have a type (#neutral).

+ CND Romantique

+ OPI Samoan Sand

+ OPI Tiramisu for Two

+ Essie Sand Tropez

+ NCLA x Sivan Ayla Capri Sunset

+ OPI Funny Bunny (the white I wear)

+ Essie Marshmallow

+ Essie Ballet Slippers

What’s your go-to color?