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Non-Negotiables I do every day

As you might be aware, I base blog posts on questions straight from you (usually from my Facebook group or a DM), which is where this topic came from. There seems to be general interest in my schedule, how I balance everything, and things I do every single day. I get it, I’m always interested in how people live and structure their days, as well. And while I wrote 5 Things I Do Before Noon a couple of years ago, things have slightly changed. I still do those 5 things, but between Capri and the businesses, it’s not always before noon.

Here are non-negotiables I do every day, even when I’m busy AF. Oh and read this post for how I get everything done in a day.

+ Eat well

Paul and I both like to eat pretty healthy, so I’d say 75% of the stuff I eat is good for me. I need some sort of sweet every day so that’s where the 25% comes in and I’m all about moderation. I just like most of what I’m putting in my body to fuel + nourish me.

+ Skincare

Not shocking. I do my skincare routine morning and night, even if it’s only a couple of products. You can find my ride-or-die skincare products in my Little Pink Book.

+ Hydrate

I’m a firm believer that water can solve most annoying issues like fatigue, headaches, bloating, etc etc. I basically try to drink water non-stop, especially earlier in the day so I’m not peeing a million times a night. I’ve tried things like this motivatioanl water bottle but I actually prefer a large mason jar. Oh and these straws are a MUST for me.

+ Further my career

My job doesn’t stop, so even on weekends I’m doing something that furthers my career. I like to do a daily assessment of major things I *have* to get done on the weekdays and also leave in time for business development, strategizing with my team, and creating content. On the weekends, things aremore chill but it’s when I have some of my best ideas. I try to stay off my phone more so that the creatively flows freely.

+ Move my body

There were actually a couple months earlier this year when this wasn’t true, but for 99% of my adult life, it’s been the case. I’m a better person when I get movement in, especially mentally. I train with Joey a few times a week and then do a YT video the other days. I also go on walks with Capri, run around with her if I don’t feel like a typical workout, and hike. On the rare days when I don’t feel like moving or I’m tired AF, I try to at least stretch.

+ Get quality time with Capri

We’re lucky that Capri is home with Jess most days of the week and that we work from home (in our detached office space), so I can pop in to say hi to her whenever. I do try to stay in my office most of the weekdays though, as I’m more productive when I’m not switching between work and family time 20x a day. So that means that mornings and evenings are all about Capri. I feel very strongly about quality, non-distracted time with her, and I consider breakfast and the evenings as quality time.

+ Tidy

We have a housekeeper come 2x/ week to help with the bigger tasks like laundry, deep cleaning, etc. but I’m always tidying up. With a toddler, 2 dogs, Paul, and our family in and out of our house all day, it’s a non-negotiable. I can’t go to sleep or start work if the house or office is messy. I spend 10-15 minutes after Capri goes down to tidy up. The one space that’s usually a disaster, though, is our closet. For some reason, I can let that go for days without touching it. Whatever.

+ Wind down

I’m not one of those people who can go from 100 to 0 in an instant. I need time to wind my brain and body down. It’s one of the reasons I say no to so many events (pre-Covid) because I prioritize this time + good sleep. My wind-down period looks pretty similar every night: put Capri to bed, tidy the house, do my skincare routine, watch TV with Paul or read. Lights out by 10ish.

What’s a non-negotiable for you?