While we won’t be seeing many friends or attending events this year, I still want to keep the holidays special for Capri. All while relaxing before Baby Nº2 arrives, of course. With that, I thought it would be cute to put together a Chill Holiday Bucket List. Share yours after reading?

+ Make homemade hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.
+ ‘Adopt’ a family for Christmas and send gifts or a holiday meal.
+ Spend an entire day in PJs watching classic holiday movies.
+ Take a few days off social media.
+ Bake cookies.
+ Make Capri’s playroom into a twinkle light fort.
+ Get Capri her own menorah.
+ Have a holiday wrapping day with festive music playing.
+ Watch a movie in the backyard under a ton of blankets.
+ Take a walk or drive to see lights around different neighborhoods.
+ Have a virtual wine night with a few close girlfriends. Relax, mocktail for me.
+ Pick out toys to donate to a local toy drive with Capri.
+ Make an ornament for Baby Nº2.
+ Send a few close friends who won’t be seeing their family a holiday care package.
+ Make a few huge batches of soup to freeze for the newborn stage.
+ Give Capri and I pedicures.
+ Start a new family tradition (TBD on what that will be. Any ideas?).
+ Have a chill day at the beach.

Paul’s parents rented a house on the beach in Malibu so we actually did this a couple weeks ago. It was such a chill, cozy day. Lots of food, beach walks, and everyone wore loungewear which was heaven and just what I needed.

Since I know you guys will ask, all of our slippers are UGG from Nordstrom (mine, Capri’s, Paul’s). Paul is boujee and basically only wears UGG which I’m not mad at because we all know they’re the best. BTW, Nordstrom has a bunch of cute loungewear + slippers right now if you’re still shopping for gifts. Shop slippers approved by the Richards family to the right.
















What’s on your holiday bucket list?

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring the post. As always, opinions are my own.