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How To Eat Well When you're busy af

To be honest, this isn’t a topic I’d normally think to write about but it’s a HOT topic in my Facebook group (which is where I get a lot of my blog ideas). Apparently people miss my Instagram Stories of donuts, the flow of rosé (when I’m not pregnant…relax), sour candy, and all the random crap that I eat LOL. Though to be fair, my diet is typically clean. Anyways, since there’s interest in staying healthy while living a busy life, I’ll share what works for me. Obviuosly everyone’s body and situation is different, and as I’ll always admit, part of it is genes / metabolism, so I want to put that out there before I share specifics.

+ To-go lunches

Don’t get Paul started on how much I spend on takeout lunches a month…because it’s a lot. The thing is, if I were in charge of making lunch every day, I’d be annoyed and eating unhealthy sh*t because I’d grab whatever was quick. So even though takeout is pricey, I know I’m able to be more efficient and make better choices because of it. I’d much rather cook dinner than order takeout in the evening, which I feel is the opposite for most people. I have more time in the evenings once I can switch out of work mode.

If you don’t have the means to order lunch every day or don’t want to “waste” money on it, I suggest mimicking local favorites. For me, it’s some sort of salad with a bunch of veggies and protein. So technically I could recreate this if I were to meal prep, but again, that’s a no for me.

+ Schedule workouts

I plug my workouts into my Google cal just like I would any appointment. I don’t schedule anything 30 minutes before or after so that I can’t make an excuse to skip. I also like to keep an arsenal of at-home workouts that are quick so I can get them in if I find an extra 30 minutes or if Capri sleeps in. One of my resolutions for 2021 is to set up a home gym so it’s even easier to sweat. Stay tuned!

+ Automatic orders

We subscribe to things like our protein powder, collagen powder, supplements, and healthy snacks via Amazon. That way you order once and can basically forget about it.

+ Keep things organized

I’m all about efficiency, even in my pantry. Actually, it was a hot mess until recently but getting clear organizers has been a game-changer. Now I can easily see what snacks we have and I trick myself into putting healthier options at eye level. I stick the candy and unhealthy snacks up high or down low because I know I’ll be lazy to reach for those…most of the time. You can see how I organized my pantry here.

+ Have a list per grocery store

We’re psycho and have to go to 3 different stores to get our weekly food list but it’s what works for us. I like a specific quality of produce and certain specialty products, so although it takes forever, one thing that helps is a list per store. We keep a running list per store we hit and add to it when needed. If we aren’t out of anything, we just put up our usuals (which is saved on a shared list between Paul and I).

This way you can at least get in and out of the store quickly and aren’t as tempted by the cereal aisle (like me) or even order your groceries for delivery if you’re really short on time.

+ Rotate the same meals

I typically rotate the same 10 or so recipes for our dinners. And I order the same 5 lunches every week. It’s a no-brainer and we basically always have the ingredients to make those dinners – so there’s always a healthy option without much effort. I share all my recipes here btw.

+ Chug water

I drink a SHIT TON of water a day. Even if I ate poorly and didn’t exercise, I know I have that one healthy habit going for me. You can do it sitting on your ass so there are no excuses. It keeps me hydrated (obviously) and more satisfied so I feel like I need to snack / eat less overall.