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The Spring Sandal Trends I Approve Of

I share a lot of shopping collages and cute sh*t I’m curating on the blog, but I don’t talk fashion much (which I never know if you want or get that elsewhere). But since I do get a lot of requests to share what I’m wearing, I assumee you’re somewhat interested in my thoughts behind fashion, trends, etc. Obviously I’m not a strict fashion blogger and I’ll never be the girl obsessed with everything runway but I do love fashion (…and shopping). Especially after spending the last year pregnant and/or pumping, I’m excited for Spring / Summer 2021 and to be able to shop without a bump or leaky tits in mind.

Since we’re seeing a lot of shoe / sandal trends right now, I figured I’d break down the styles that I’m liking and share specific pairs at all budgets. Let me know if you want me to do more of this or want me to cover other spring trends / essentials…or if this is totally boring. You know I won’t be offended.

+ Slides

This isn’t a new trend and it’s one I’ve been wearing for a couple years now, and I’m happy to see it even more popular this year. This is one of those trends that can literally work for anyone because you can veer trendy (with something chunky / padded like these), super classic (I’ve had this investment pair for years), or more athletic (this is my favorite brand for athletic slides). And for the record, I’m not fully on gear with the Birkenstock trend but I like a toned-down version like these.

+ Thin Strappy

I shared in a newsletter recently that I’m into all things strappy – from drawstring and wrap tops to stringy dresses to strappy shoes. I’m definitely here for this style and think it’s really flattering.

+ Padded / Quilted

We’re actually seeing this quilted / padded look in all accessories from bags (like this one I bought) to shoes and I like it! If you’re not sure about it, I suggest going for something less padded and more quilted like these. And if you’re into the padded look, more options for you here:

+ Thong

Again, a classic and IMO, a dainty thong or flip flop will never go out of style. They’re what I throw on for a beach day or to sit by the pool. I’m also loving the elevated take on the trend with heeled thongs.

+ Ruched

This style is somewhat similar to the padded / quilted look and another variation I’m into.

+ Square Toe

Honestly most of the sandals I’m gravitating towards are square toe. I wouldn’t say round toe is out, but a square toe is definitely this season’s silhouette.

Styles I’m personally not wearing: Velcro straps or Teva style, overly studded / bedazzled, and wedges.

Which trends are you here for? Skipping this season? And do we like this type of fashion content? LMK!