THE SIVAN AYLA GUIDE: KEEPING IT REAL + Growing for real as an influencer

Honestly, I’ve been excited to write this blog post for almost a year now since I started on this project back in the summer of 2020! Per your request, you guys wanted to hear more business advice, industry secrets, and you wanted something affordable – which I get! Obviously I’ve shared a lot of blogging tips on the blog before but I saw a big value in adding my current advice and putting it all in one place…which brings me to THE SIVAN AYLA GUIDE: Keeping It Real + Growing For Real As An Influencer!

Think of this book as ALL MY INFLUENCER SECRETS. There are 60+ pages and I cover EVERYTHING you need to know about being an influencer / blogger (or even a small business), and you better believe I spill it all. From talking money and working with brands to how to create an aesthetic to valuable content and my very own Pinterest strategy that’s gotten me to 10M+ views a month, it’s all in this guide. I get very specific with everything.

I also share several resources like goal-setting pages, what your brand book should look like, and how to create your own media kit based on mine. Because the goal of this book is to give you the info AND resources you need to kill it in this industry!

You can preview + buy the book here for $29. I can’t wait to hear what you think!!