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What to Wear To Baby + Wedding Showers

Depending on the person / vibe of a shower, dress code vary in a big way. I’d say there are, in general, some rules to stick to, but honestly, it all comes down to the venue, the person being celebrated and their vibe, and then they type of shower.

For example, my showers have all been low-key and mainly at people’s homes. In that case, friends / family showed up in everything from maxi dresses and flat sandals to dressier options styled down. If a shower is at an event space (or fancier hotel) or you know the person in boujee, I’d go the route of a heel and something slightly elevated, but again, you’ll have to feel out the invite. I think the only big rule is this: if it’s a wedding shower, don’t wear white…or anything close to it. Baby showers tend to be more casual, too, and remember that you’ll be sitting a lot for presents and games.

After going to my friend Kelly’s baby shower and getting some questions on style, I wanted to pull together cute sh*t I found for each type of shower. Honestly, you can probably wear a lot of these options for either (just remember the ‘no white for weddings’ rule).