Sneakers I Love - Sivan

Sneakers I Love

Let’s talk sneakers. Over the past few years, I’ve definitely become more of a sneaker person, and it helps that it’s trending to wear them with just about anything. From denim cutoffs to dresses and obviously athleisure…let’s just say that I blame my growing collection on how versatile they are. And though I wear them a ton, I pretty much stick to these four brands.


Say what you want about Golden Goose and their $$$ but I personally love them. Once you break them in, they’re honestly one of the most comfortable sneakers and I like that they add something to every otherwise basic outfit. This leopard pair is probably my most worn pair but if you don’t like their busier pairs, these are my favorite clean style. To me, these are definitely worth it *if* you wear sneakers often; just make sure you love a print /finish before you buy.


I’ve become slightly obsessed with the look of New Balance sneakers, especially this neutral style. I like that they feel retro-ish without being too vintage looking and they go with literally everything – from athleisure to denim shorts – and you know I’m down with versatility. Plus, for the most part they’re under $100.


If I’m working out, there’s a 90% chance that I’m in APLs. They’re the most comfortable and supportive workout shoe I’ve tried and they are constantly dropping new colors, styles, prints, etc. Paul is a fan, too. These are the classic white pair you see me in most often.


I’ve been wearing Converse for over a decade and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of them. Lately, I tend to grab my platform high-tops but will always love the classic Chuck Taylor style, too. They’re very California to me. 

What’s your sneaker go-to?