When people ask me to describe my style, I generally have no f*cking idea what to say. Trendy? Classic? Casual? Comfy AF? Bougie basic? It’s kind of all over the place, but at the same time, I’m very quick to understand if something is going to work for me. I don’t *think* of my style too often and I don’t place boxes around it. I like what I like!

Yet something I know for sure is that I mix in classics with trendier pieces. I’m not afraid to invest in classic pieces that I know will never go out of style. From there, I buy cheaper trendy sh*t that’s fun to play around with…and will likely be donated the following season.

It seems like you guys are into my styling stories on IG, so I wanted to break down another fashion story today on the blog + give you guys a chance to shop my closet staples.

+ BLAZER: A blazer will never go out of style. EVER. Look back at history and you’ll see the blazer in all forms – starting with the guys and evolving to females wearing them. We’ve seen oversized, shoulder pads, cropped, linen, fitted, and a million other variations of the blazer but the point is, they’re always in. When it comes to a classic blazer, I truly don’t think something slightly oversized ever goes out. I prefer a fit that’s a little oversized so I can move in it and gives off that cool factor vs. a bad 1980’s version, and I usually like to pair it with more feminine pieces to pair down the masculine tones. A cute dress, a fitted pair of jeans and heels…something like that. Lately I’ve also liked this style paired with biker shorts to mix in a trend I’m into, but I know that phase will end. This Anine Bing blazer is my ride-or-die and I also like this if you’re looking to spend less.

+ DENIM: I will never stop wearing denim. It’s my favorite thing to wear and what I feel most comfortable in. There are a ton of styles, especially right now, but they’re a great starting point for mixing in trends – or trying out a trend. If I go for a trendier pair of jeans (like these), I’ll stick with a more basic or classic top. If I want to mix in a trendy top, I’ll usually go with a more classic fit of jeans (slightly skinny or straight leg) like I did here. And I’ll always have a lived-in denim jacket and denim cut-offs in my life.

+ BASIC T-SHIRT: Another thing I live in that’s a classic: basic t-shirts. Give them to me cropped, boxy, fitted, or loose, whatever…I have them all on rotation. On days where I have zero energy to figure out a look, it’s going to be jeans and a basic t-shirt. I always suggest having a few basic tops that you LOVE every time. Sometimes that means investing in them but again, there are certain tops that fit perfectly, feel good on, and require zero maintenance – and to me, that’s worth more $$$. If I’m going to be around my kids, I like this affordable option.

+ GOLD JEWELRY: I’ve gone back and forth with metals as we all have though I definitely prefer to primarily wear gold (or the look of gold). One of my favorite fashion times was the ’70s when girls were drenched in dainty gold jewelry and a good tan a.k.a. what I live for. I mix up my pieces and add in a new trendier piece for about a year at a time but in general, below are my jewelry staples. For the record, my wedding ring(s) aren’t gold but I don’t mind the mixed metal look. My watch is also mixed metals which I find is a good way to blend the two looks. My ‘Walker’ necklace is made by Stephanie Gottlieb and my ‘Capri’ necklace is BYCHARI. I also die for Lili Claspe for classic + trending jewelry.

+ LBD: You can never go wrong with an LBD! Like denim, it’s what I’ll put on when in doubt. And then similar to basic t-shirts, I think it’s necessary to have a few LBD options. Something loose and casual for errands (or when you’re on your period / lazy / bloated / etc.), a pretty daytime look for events or whatever, and then a nighttime option that you feel 100 in. My go-to for LBDs is Clyque or these: