6 Months Postpartum // Walker & Me - Sivan

6 Months Postpartum // Walker & Me

Walker Bun is 6 months (almost 7 months actually), and his little personality is coming through everyday. It is so cute – I remember loving this stage with Capri. 6 months and onward is just so fun! I wanted to outline some updates in terms of what’s going on with Walker and how I’m doing postpartum. I feel like we always say this, but time is flying! I truly feel like it’s going even faster the second time around, too. Kind of sad but also exciting because I am looking forward to all the fun things we get to do as a family once the kids a little bit older. I also wanted to check in with you guys on how my postpartum recovery has been this time around now that we are at the 6-month point. As you all already know, having a C-Section was not something I was prepared for so I had no clue what to expect recovery-wise.

Walker at 6 Months

He is now starting solids (mostly purees) and absolutely LOVING eating. The kid pounds on his tray when he’s done eating so we can give him more. It is both hilarious and worrisome, because I can see myself having to cook way more once he’s fully eating food with us.

+ His first little tooth is starting to pop through at the bottom. I’ve definitely seen the signs – lots of drool, red cheeks, random outburst of crying, and of course sucking on everything and anything. He loves to chew on my fingers the most. I’ve been giving him the Camilia drops first and then if that doesn’t seem to soothe him I go to infant Tylenol.

+ We are still on 3 naps per day. 9AM, 1PM, & 5PM.

+ Bedtime is between 7:30-8:00PM after his last bottle of the day. He sleeps like a little angel. Not a peep from him unless he can’t find his Paci or gets stuck in a weird position in the crib. He is the biggest wiggle worm and ends up in the strangest positions inside his crib!

+ He just started sitting up on his own but still a little wobbly. I’m not rushing anything in terms of physical development because 1) I’m not in a hurry for him to be on the go, and 2) he will get there when he is ready. I’ve maintained this mentality since having kids – they will NOT be in diapers / pacifiers / bottles forever…just relax.

+ At his last pediatrician appt he was 17 pounds so despite all the spitting up, he’s still gaining weight. He is currently 50 percentile in weight and 94 percentile in height.

+ The spit up is different day by day. I will say there will be days that seems he is doing MUCH better, with hardly any spitting, and then other days we go through 6 outfits by noon. As mentioned above, he is gaining weight so no one is concerned. His doctor calls him a “happy spitter.”

+ Walker’s overall demeanor is so chill. He is smiley, happy, easy going unless his teeth are bothering him or it’s about to be his feeding time. I truly could not have imagined an “easier” baby than Capri but he totally is!

Me at 6 Months Postpartum

+ I can honestly say I haven’t stepped on a scale since my 6 week check-up. And that is something I never do, not just now. I don’t care what a scale says. Especially postpartum when you not only have fluids, breastmilk, swollen uterus, etc. Not worth getting worked up over.

+ I stopped breastfeeding / pumping at 2 months. My milk was not agreeing with Walker so I saw no reason to continue producing milk when it wasn’t getting used. I did produce a very healthy supply, which I froze, but I gave it to a family friend whose baby agreed with it. Makes me feel good someone got use out of it. On the other hand, I’m glad I did it for the 2 months because it’s good for your uterus postpartum.

+ In terms of exercise I’m all over the place. I’m motivated to get my shape back, but I also know my body will never be the same. C-Section has definitely made it harder for me to lose the belly weight. Seems like the lower abdomen area just wants to hang out around the incision. It is taking longer to lose that this time around. I’ve been sporadically training with Joey, running on the treadmill, taking long walks around the neighborhood, and going to boxing every now and then.

+ The most effective thing I’ve done for my body has been patience and some light fasting. Basically I stopped eating breakfast with Paul and Capri since they eat so early and I wasn’t even hungry. I wait until my body is hungry before eating (usually around 11) and then I have a healthy lunch. I feel like that has made the most significant difference in my body and I don’t feel like I’m starving myself or hungry. I’m just listening to my body and nourishing it with healthy foods when I eat meals.

+ Mentally I feel SO good. Looking back at how I felt mentally with Capri, I do feel like maybe I experienced some baby blues. I wasn’t in a depression, but I did feel weird / off / not myself / lonely / isolated in those first few months of having her and being solo at home. Maybe this time around since I have such a full house that’s what prevented me from feeling like this?? Either way, I’m really grateful for the positive mindset I have had this time around – it has enabled me to truly live in the moment and enjoy Walker to the fullest.

+ My incision is still visible but not sensitive to touch anymore. I’ve off and on used some scarring cream, but I forget to do it a lot and honestly don’t care that much. It is so low that no one ever sees it (even in bikinis).

+ Luckily I don’t think I get the hair loss many women experience postpartum, but I do feel quite the opposite. My hair is growing like CRAZY everywhere. I need to start laser hair removal all over again, because the hair is back.

+ Things are a bit saggy in the boob department. To be expected, I guess. I go back and forth wanting a boob lift and not caring. If I ever did anything it would be a few years down the line since I can’t spare to be out of commission right now with the kids. Maybe when they are both a little older I’ll consider it. For now, I’m good.

Overall things are good! I’m so happy with 2 kids and truly feel like our family unit is whole. We do not foresee having more kids. 2 feels right and good for us. I will check back in when we hit the 1 year mark since that is when I think things will be mostly back to “normal” for my body, and there will be lots of exciting things happening for Walker then too. Hope you guys enjoyed and let me know if you have any other questions!