The Candles I Burn on rotation

Between candles, incense, palo santo and sage, I have something burning at all times. It sets a mood, clears the space, and relaxes me all at once, so it’s a no-brainer for me.

In terms of the scent of what I’m burning, I’m VERY particular. Don’t give me anything artificial or too sweet. For the most part, I like a clean, sometimes masculine sometimes earthy, sexy scent. And don’t give me anything with ugly branding either!

Around my house, you’ll find these candle brands, along with lighting accessories like chic matches, candle accessories, palo santo in trays, and worn-in sage sticks.

+ DIPTYQUE: Bougie but worth it. Plus, I love using their branding and glass containers for storage once I’m done. I like a lot of their scents but Baies is my main b*tch.

+ BOY SMELLS: These are usually more masculine (obviously) and are a scent Paul and I always agree on. Kush and Lanai are personal favorites.

+ LE LABO: I’m obsessed with their Santal set, mainly Santal 26. Again, chic branding to reuse after.

+ BYREDO: I’ve worn Byredo’s Gypsy Water perfume for years so it only makes sense that I’m also addicted to their candles. Similar to their fragrances, their candles are equally as gorg. I’m into Tree House, Bohemia, Burning Rose and Bibliothéque.

+ KAI: I’m a big fan of Kai everything, including their candles. They remind me of living on Maui.

Pro tip: If you’re hosting and cooking, set the vibe with scentless candles in the kitchen so that they don’t compete with the food. But always have a yummy smelling one going in the bathroom and by the front door.

What other brands do I need to burn?