2022 Resolutions - Sivan

2022 Resolutions

I just scrolled back through my resolutions, dating all the way to 2014 when I started blogging about them. They started off pretty vague (ie: be kinder, more patience, save money, etc.) and gradually became more specific (ie: figure out my allergies, make more soup, resume date night, etc.). Looking back at the last 8 years I obviously know which resolutions were achieved and which ones were made simply out of the need to fill a post [oops] and I love knowing that when I stay true to myself I actually follow through. I think this year I have experienced a major shift in my life that has me changing the way I share parts of my life and that will apply to my blog as well. I want to feel good about the content I share — things that make me happy, things I find beautiful, my real life, & so on.

So my one main resolution for 2022 will be this: Be myself no matter what. F*ck any outside judgement. Live my life the way I want (the way that’s best for my family) and feel free to share what I’m comfortable with. 

I will dive deeper into all of this to fully explain my thought process and what brought me here, but ultimately as I get older I just want to stay within my inner peace and anything that disrupts that is just not welcome. No matter where you are in life right now, I hope we can all reach this point. Major goal aside though, here are some additional resolutions to keep things light!

2022 Resolutions:

+ Join a playgroup – You know, for the kids’ sake. We moved into a new city so I think it would be good for all of us to join something like this.

Exercise – Since moving I have not worked out even once! Super unlike me, but now that we are settling into the house I would like to get back on a good schedule.

Routine – Now that we have a proper office (not at my house), I need to get back into a workflow. I am so much more productive when I’m “at work” vs trying to communicate with the team from home, so I’d like to develop a good balance for my CEO work along with my “Influencer” work.

Quality over Quantity – In terms of posting on social media, I’d like to focus more on quality content over quantity (aka filler nonsense just to post). I’ve been known to over-post, but I’m leaning more towards sharing things that provide value or insight into something new or different instead of a bunch of random stuff. Out of all my resolutions I’m sure this one will be the most broken, as I’m programmed to share every detail, but let’s see how this goes…

No Filter – Been a fan of not filtering your opinions or thoughts on IG since the beginning, but now I’m finding completely unfiltered images and videos so much more digestable. For some reason when I see content with over-the-top filters it literally feels suffocating to me. Going to make an effort to stop filtering my pictures and videos.

Find interesting furniture – As you know, my house is mostly empty with not much furniture on order. My goal for this house is to find pieces I truly love that will last me (& the test of time stylistically) for years to come. I’m taking my sweet time until I find things that are unique and special to us.

Check the weather – This may sound really dumb, but I have destroyed one too many outdoor items due to my lack of checking the weather and preparing for the rain. Now that I have invested in quality outdoor furniture, I refuse to allow laziness to throw my money down the drain when it rains.

I have also decided that for 2022 I will make vision boards for the kids. As their parent, it is my responsibility to guide them and give them experiences that will help them develop as little humans, so this will help me visualize what that will look like. If you guys are interested in this at all let me know and I am happy to share what I come up with. Before we go pop open the champagne, just want to wish you all a very HAPPY + HEALTHY 2022! I know times are weird (again), but let’s enter this year with a renewed perspective and sense of positivity in the things we can control.

Happy New Year!