When I asked you guys to share your favorite Amazon purchases of the year on IG, you came through in a major way. It’s clear that I’m not the only one spending my paychecks on Amazon sh*t, and let’s be honest, they make it too easy. I got requests to share the results (some items that I’ve influenced you on and some that I’m now adding to my cart!) so here you go. You can see my ride-or-die Amazon picks on my Storefront as well.

+ Conair Hand-held Steamer

+ Steam Mop

+ Colorful Workout Set that I now own in 4 colors.

+ Ray-Ban Dupe Sunnies

+ Extra Long Phone Charger

+ Nose Hair Trimmer which I influenced a lot of you guys on. You’re welcome!

+ Faux Tennis Necklace

+ Necklace Display Organizer

+ Echo Dots for hands-free music, recipes, kids alarms, etc.

+ Wine Glasses (amazing dupe for mine)

+ Dyson Vacuum

+ Reusable Produce Bags

+ Silicone Baking Mats which are so simple but a game-changer!

+ Spice Containers + Labels

+ Fabric Link Shaver

+ Velvet Hangers

+ Pretty Dish Brush Set

+ Tissue Box Cover (buying this because of you guys!)

+ Clear High Chair Mat

+ Reusable Straws that are aesthetically pleasing.

+ Rolling Hamper

+ Anything Organization (find my favorites here)

+ Baby Brezza Formula Maker

+ Mrs. Meyers Peony Surface Cleaner

+ Pressure Washer for cleaning outdoor furniture, floors, driveway, etc.

+ Nespresso Machine

Anything that I missed?