Whenever I post anything involving the kid’s food, I get questions on snack and meal ideas. I understand the interest in trying to switch it up and find easy stuff for the kids but I also feel like you guys are going to be very disappointed with how unoriginal this list is. For the most part, I’m giving the kids snacks and meals that I’m eating because I’m not about making 4 meals every night, and they’re pretty good with it. Walker is obviously still teething so I have to spend more time prepping (aka cutting up) his food, and Capri basically eats what we eat.

As for snacks or quick meals, here are items I always have on hand for them. They’re always grazing.

+ salami
+ olives
+ cucumber, bell peppers with hummus
+ avocado toast
+ fruits
+ quesadilla with black beans
+ Cerebelly granola bars
+ tofu
+ yogurts
+ mini muffins
+ pretzels
+ pouches (fruit or veggie mixes)
+ toast
+ chicken apple sausage
+ couscous
+ Annie’s bunny graham crackers