COSTCO Must-haves

After asking for Costco must-haves on Instagram Stories, you guys asked me to share the list so I figured the blog was best for it. According to your list, I have A LOT of testing out to do and I’m officially hungry after compiling this. I obviously didn’t list out every single suggestion but these were common answers. I’m assuming anything without a brand name is made by their brand, Kirkland. *BRB RUNNING TO COSTCO*

MY LIST: flautas, the frozen dim sum, trail mix, parmesan-crusted tilapia, black beans, chicken broth.


+ NuttZo almond butter

+ Kirkland peanut butter (bonus points for a creamy spread)

+ Frozen wontons

+ Dumplings

+ Kirkland pesto sauce

+ Kirkland organic salsa

+ S’mores mix

+ Shrimp cocktail

+ Eggbites (apparently better than Starbucks)

+ Bitchin’ sauce / dip

+ Kirkland chocolate covered almonds

+ Dried mangos (in the black bag)

+ Just Bare chicken nuggets (lots of comparisons to Chick-fil-A)

+ Tillamook sharp cheddar block

+ Kirkland vanilla ice cream

+ Frozen acai

+ Kirkland frozen pepperoni pizza and veggie cauliflower pizza

+ Fresh croissants

+ Frozen gyro meat

+ Chicken taco kit

+ Rao’s marinara pasta sauce

+ Suja immunity shots

+ Aussie bites

+ Kirkland sparkling water

+ Chocolate covered almonds (and their nuts in general)

+ Spinach ravioli and lobster ravioli

+ Rotisserie chicken

+ Microwavable popcorn

What else?