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What comes to mind when you think of wellness?

Personally, I think of wellness as the key to building relationships with yourself long-term & just generally feeling happier. So instead of thinking of wellness as a super healthy eating schedule, hitting the gym hard, and whatever else – I want to introduce you to a new way of thinking about it. In a more universal and intuitive way that involves every part of you!

I created my company, The Marina Movement, during the peak of 2020 (I wish I did it sooner though) to inspire people to focus on their wellness using a very simple strategy. It’s based on *efficiently* focusing on the mind, body, AND soul, daily…not just one thing.

Essentially: The “mind” is everything you put in (books, podcasts, journals, whatever else); the “body” is everything you do to nourish your health (healthy recipes, working out, and movement); and the “soul” is everything that brings you joy (cooking, cleaning, design, and more).

Focusing on your mind, body, and soul on a daily basis will increase your efficiency and energy, and help you feel more inspired! And I promise it doesn’t need to take 4 hours a day—in fact, 30 minutes is all you really need.

Ready to try this super-efficient feel-good routine? Here are the details:

1. Analyze your schedule

Are there areas you can be more efficient in? Do you maybe spend too much time out of your day on your phone? Once you analyze your schedule, you can then identify whether you’re going to commit your 30-minutes in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Personally, I’m a morning person. I prefer to commit every morning before giving my time to everyone else.

2. Commit to 30 minutes daily

If you’re going to do this challenge, you can’t miss a day so be sure to commit with intention! If you’re a scheduler like me, block your calendar!

3. Break down what you’d like to focus on in each area:

+ Mind (5 min): Once you wake up, grab a journal and a pen, and write out your intentions for the day & a couple things you’re grateful for – think big or small doesn’t matter. When it comes to your intentions, are you trying to practice more patience during the day for a specific reason or towards a specific person? Be specific!
+ Body (15 min): How were you feeling when you went to sleep last night? Is there a specific part of your body that feels more tired or sore today? What are some movements you can do? Do yoga, stretching, or workout – but move your body! If you need some ideas on quick, impactful movements, check out my IG page.
+ Soul (10 min): Now that you have completed focusing on your mind & body – what will bring you true joy? Is it your favorite iced latte? Is it a cute outfit? Whatever it is – identify it, and make it part of your routine.

4. Do it!

Once you’ve identified how you’re going to commit to your mind, body, and soul, be sure to stay committed. I challenge you to stick to it for a week straight & if you’re feeling it, write out how you’re feeling every day by making this commitment. I promise you – you will feel a difference.

On my most busy, difficult, moody days – I crave this routine more & it’s on those days I walk away feeling more inspired, energized, and uplifted. And, guess what? It’s the complete opposite when I don’t commit.

Remember that each of these areas needs attention – like you can’t just wash your toes and forget your feet Lol! If you’re going in – do it all the way. What you put into your mind, reflects how your body feels, and projects that soul (energy – whatever you prefer to call it) out to others. So really be intentional. Who do I want to be every day I wake up & how can focusing on my wellness get me there? I’ve implemented these strategies into my life because early on I learned it wasn’t as easy as “how to gain muscle in 10 seconds” or “how to be happy every second” – it’s a conscious effort that you will need to put in daily, and remember that it is worth it!

If you’ve enjoyed these tips or need more – let us know below in the comments. Thanks for reading along!