OUR GUEST HOUSE Bedding Details

Paul and I joke that our guest house is essentially The Richards Ranch Hotel at this point. Since our move from LA, we’ve had family / friends stay with us often, which honestly, I can’t blame them for. The guest house has immaculate vibes, lighting, privacy, and I will say, I spoil my guests. Think chilled water upon arrival, custom closets, a stocked snack situation, and beds you’ll die for. Whoever staying is usually helping us with the kids at some point so it’s basically my thank you.

You know how I feel about sleep so I’ve always been very particular with my bed details – guest rooms included. Even when I was broke, I needed my bed to feel like the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in, which is the feeling I go for. We have the same bedding in our master bedroom, which I’ll eventually shoot after we remodel it, but for now, I wanted to share our guest bed details. No shocker, everything is from Parachute.

Here’s what you want to know:

+ Down comforter + linen duvet cover
+ Linen top sheet
+ Linen fitted sheet
+ Down pillows + linen pillowcase set
+ Body pillow + linen cover
+ Throw blanket