My Favorite Places To Shop For The Kids - Sivan


I have a major addiction to shopping for the kids. I can’t help it! First, they grow so fast everything becomes too small within a few short months. Second, I love to support small businesses. And third, I just can’t help myself when I see a cute outfit or soft pajama. The good news is, once they grow out of the stuff I donate it to other families who need it so I love paying it forward. Nothing tugs at my heartstrings more than hearing stories of families who cannot provide basic necessities for their babies. It breaks my heart more than anything in the world, and so passing along lightly used clothing (and baby goods in general) is something I truly enjoy doing for others.

So, with that said, here is my list of favorite places to shop for the kids. I’ve broken it down into categories and also included a little price guide so you’re not caught off guard by some pricing. Here is how I’m rating them:

$ – affordable, good for getting dirty and not caring

$$ – a little pricier but will get tons of use like soft pajamas or basics

$$$ – pricey / do not get dirty / splurge / let the rich aunt buy it lol

Pajamas / I like to splurge on nice pajamas for the kids always

+ Esme $$

+ Rowdy Sprout $$

+ Old Navy $

Basics / Things they wear on the daily

+ Zara $$

+ Amazon $-$$

+ Old Navy $

+ Target $

+ Kai Blue $$$

+ Fairwell $$

+ Moon & Mila $$

+ Tiny Whales $$

+ Munster Kids $$

+ Chaser $$

Dresses + Jumpsuits / Specialty items that are so damn cute!

+ Rylee and Cru $$$

+ Lil Goldie $$$

+ Raised by Water $$$

+ Zara $$

+ Noralee $$

Sweatsuits / Love a cozy set for the colder months

+ Sun Peony Coconut $$

+ By Billie $$$

+ Zara $$

+ Monrow $$$

I do a lot of online shopping for the kids, but I also LOOOOOVE to browse kids’ boutiques and discover new brands. What are some brands you love for the kids?? Leave them below!