OUR VALLE Itinerary

We went to Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico, last week for a friend’s birthday. It was a quick trip but honestly, so worth it (at least when coming from San Diego)! According to my DMs, it’s a spot a lot of you have on our list, so I wanted to share the details. We will definitely be back!


Had lots of questions about transportation and how we got down there. We parked at the border (in the US) and then had a driver waiting on the other side in TJ. We weren’t sure about driving and would obviously be wine tasting, so this seemed like the safe bet. The same guy drove us from the border to wine tasting and Valle and then back home the next day.

Also, you may have seen my running fiasco on IG when we missed the border crossing cut-off. Basically, certain border crossings close at certain times (this one was 2 pm), so definitely check before you plan. We ended up going to another close by location that is open 24 hours.


Was obsessed with where we stayed!! We got a villa at Bruma and everything was 10/10. I didn’t get a good look at the actual hotel or what that situation is, but there were a handful of villas / houses, which was nice with a group. The decor was incredible, felt safe, private pool and views were heaven, and we also had amazing service for food, drinks, etc. for a very reasonable price.

The only thing I’d do differently next time is stay longer. The valley obviously has a ton of wine tasting and food, but Bruma is so peaceful – we wish we did a full pool day there, so take note.

I’ve also heard good things about Encuentro Guadalupe & Adana.


Wine tasting @ Relieve Vinícola – We were literally the only ones here for our tasting, which was cool – it was also a Wednesday. Wine was good, chill setting, yummyyyy pizza, no complaints!

Lunch @ Finca Altozano – Really pretty spot and seemed good for all ages. I was so hot at this point that I barely ate but the food that I did have was excellent. Great drinks and a good spot for a long, boozy lunch.

Dinner @ Fauna – This is supposedly the best restaurant in Mexico and was on site at our hotel, which was convenient. It’s kind of indoor / outdoor and the whole vibe was nice, as was the service.

The restaurant is definitely unique and not something I’d rec for picky eaters (think octopus, quail, seafood, and interesting veggie dishes). I wouldn’t say one of the best restaurants I’ve been to, but I’d 100% go back. Most of the dishes were super fresh and delish. If you have dietary restrictions, you can let your waiter know, but other than that, there isn’t a menu, and it’s basically a chef’s menu, family style. There was an insane amount of food in general; we actually felt bad because we wasted a lot since we were all overly stuffed. Don’t eat lunch if you have plans to go here for dinner and bring the bloat pills LOL. Also, the desserts were maybe the best part, so leave room for those!

Snacks & drinks at Encanto in Rosarito – We stopped here on our way back to the border the day we were leaving. Our friends wanted to go to Portales but there was a wait, so we just went to Encanto. I recognized this spot right away from IG – it has a stunning rocky / coast view and was definitely worth it for the views alone! I’d rec it for a drink or snack if you need to break up the drive from Valle back to the border.

Other recs – We all compiled recs before our trip but since it was a short trip, we couldn’t do it all. In case you’re curious, those were Animalón for dinner, Cuatro Cuartos for views, Oja for drinks / light bites, and Monte Xanic & Lechuza for vino.