About - Sivan

About Me

I’m Sivan Ayla.

I’m a lifestyle blogger...

mommy to Capri & Walker, wife to my hubby Paul (alter ego: Richard), and Co-Founder and CEO of Lux Unfiltered & Tan + Lines.

About Me

While I’m expanding my product lines, I still use my blog and social media channels as a way to connect with my audience and share all the real sh*t that goes on behind the scenes. My mission is to share a realistic approach to everyday luxury.

Life has evolved in many ways since first starting my blog, but I still love to share home decor, fashion, beauty, recipes, family, and everything in between—always with an unfiltered voice.

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WHERE DO I live?

I’m originally from The Valley (LA), but moved to San Diego for a change of scenery. We bought our dream home and have been slowly remodeling it, which you can follow on my #SivanDiego tag on IG. I also have most of our house details here.

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WHAT'S MY skincare routine?

I keep a very low maintenance skincare routine. But you can find the product breakdown in this post. I have never felt better about my skin thanks to this product right here.

No. 03

HOW DID I start my blog?

I have a pretty extensive story behind starting my blog and growing it to where it is today. To read all the dirty details & learn my best business advice, read these posts.

No. 04

IS MY tan real?

Nope! Well, it’s partially real but that golden glow is directly from my favorite self-tanner Nº32 + Lux Unfiltered, which is my own brand!

No. 05

WHAT IS my sizing?

For starters, I’m 5’3” (fooled you!)…I just know my angles. I’m typically XS or S in tops & dresses, 25” – 26” in bottoms, 7.5 in shoes, & S in bikinis.

I try to share all sizing info on my LTK page.

No. 06

HOW CAN we collaborate?

The best way to reach me is email. Every other form of communication overwhelms me! For gifting or partnership inquiries, or if you just have
a random question for me, email me at sivan@insanityhq.com