Burrata, Beet, & Basil Salad - takes 5 minutes to prepare!

BURRATA, BEET &Basil Salad

Let me just complain for one sec. I’m currently sitting in my new office with pounding and drilling happening above my head. It’s loud AF and I can barely hear myself think. Coincidentally, last night the episode of Sex and the City where Aidan renovates Carrie’s apartment was on (remember how she freaked out because of the noise and had to go to a coffee shop to write her column?), and I used to hate on her big-time for being such a brat. I mean, he was doing such a nice thing for her and all she could do was act like a raging bitch. BUT, now I get it. You cannot write when you cannot hear yourself think. While I don’t entirely believe Carrie handled that situation correctly, I sort of sympathize a little now.

Anyway….you’re here for food.

I didn’t realize it was unconventional to mix burrata & beets until I was shooting this recipe and my photographer looked at me confused. She was wondering where the heirloom tomatoes were, but I was in the mood for beets! Not sure where I got the idea from, but I’ve been substituting beets for tomatoes in my caprese or burrata salads for years. Sometimes I’m just in the mood for a beet over a tomato, you know? And let’s be honest, sometimes I just don’t have tomatoes in the fridge so beets will have to do. Now that I think about it, that’s probably how this whole thing started LOL.

This salad, like most things I make in the kitchen, is easy and delicious. People who don’t particularly love beets are always impressed by the flavors combined in this salad, so that’s saying something. It’s like a creamier, less acidic caprese salad. But don’t you worry, I love me a caprese just as much. Just giving you some variety. Scroll down for the recipe.