When I found out Paul and I were going to Bora Bora before summer (aka before my summer body was “ready”) I panicked. I hired a trainer and got to work. Like anything I do, I enjoy learning the ins & outs–figuring out life hacks, maximizing my experience, and being efficient. Not only did I not have much time, the goal was to maximize my workouts by changing the way I ate.

I would consider my diet pretty healthy overall. With the exception of the occasional donut and wine consumption, I eat a well-balanced diet. Plus, I workout hard so I believe in rewarding yourself, not depriving yourself. However, my trainer advised me to cut carbs in order to quickly see results for my trip. I don’t typically eat a ton of bread anyway. I mean, I love my avo toast but that’s not a daily breakfast, and I definitely eat pasta but not too often. I thought it would be easy to “cut carbs” until I realized almost everything is a damn carb!

Well, guess what? Fuck the carbs. I’m eating them. I’m just not going to eat the big obvious ones–no sandwiches, no spaghetti, no cheetos. Just kidding, I hate cheetos. But anyway, back to the reason we’re all here today, I decided to swap rice for riced cauliflower and was blown away by how delicious it was! Not only did it not taste much different than rice, I actually found it to be yummier. Win-win!

I modeled this recipe after a family tradition / favorite, Benihana. Their fried rice is basically the only thing I like so I was very happy to find a healthier alternative.