COLLAGEN WHEYProtein milkshake

Collagen Whey Milkshake

I recently learned about something called the “anabolic window” and you are either confused like I was, or maybe rolling your eyes at my ignorance. Sorry! I’m kinda new to physical wellness aside from plain ole exercise and water. I fully understand the importance of exercising, because just like brushing your teeth, drinking water, and eating a balanced diet, working up a sweat is equally important and crucial to your health. However, as I get “older” I’m learning more and more how to properly exercise my body and nourish it.

Typically I eat a very balanced diet–protein with every meal, greens, and sometimes a grain. I love fruit and can survive on juice for the most part. Just when I thought I finally figured out the science of good eating, I was thrown with this anabolic term I had never heard before. Just goes to show there is always something new to learn.

So the anabolic window is a period of time after you workout (typically 30 minutes, give or take) when your body is breaking down large molecules and can convert protein into lean muscle. I don’t know about you but I always strive to look toned rather than muscular, and the key word here is lean. Taking the right protein supplement post-workout can work in your favor (if you’re going for lean muscle), or it can do the opposite and bulk you up.

There are a lot of protein shakes and supplements on the market that have fillers and additional ingredients that are intended to bulk the body. Before educating myself on the topic I was regularly drinking one that was absolutely delicious. Little did I know I was consuming a product full of lead, mercury, and laboratory-generated vitamins. No, no, no, no…what is wrong with me?! I decided to research alternative protein products and to my surprise Vital Proteins, a brand I’m very familiar with and use regularly for collagen and green supplements, makes a collagen whey protein powder. Score!

If you need a recap on the benefits of collagen you can find my post about it here, but ultimately, the reason I love this collagen-based whey protein is because it offers bone and joint support, which as I get older has become really important to me. I take boxing and kickboxing 3-4 timer per week and while it’s an incredible workout, it definitely wears on my body, so a little joint support is definitely in order here. My old protein shake has long been forgotten since switching to Vital Proteins, and honestly this is much yummier to me. The full recipe is below.





  1. Blend all ingredients together in your bullet or blender.
  2. Sip + enjoy!