Colorful Taco Bowls - Sivan



I’m so excited I finally had a moment to document these insanely pretty and EASY taco bowls. I’m obsessed with them! As you guys know, I try to live a light carb life – as in, if I can cut carbs somewhere and it’s still good I will. BUT, sometimes a good homemade pasta is just the answer and I’m f*cking eating it. This meal happens to be one that I can live without the main carb, which is a tortilla. Love burritos, tacos, taquitos, floutas, etc. but sometimes you just want the flavors of Mexican food minus all the carbs.

I also love when you can throw a meal together from the random ingredients in the fridge and this bowl is perfect for that. I always switch it up based on what’s in the fridge so feel free to do the same. In fact, I think this became a tortilla-less bowl because I was out of tortillas and didn’t feel like going to the store lol. Win win!