Deconstructed Mexican Corn - Sivan


My pregnant ass just stared at the screen drooling, wondering if Postmates can somehow deliver this to me?? I haven’t had many cravings, per se, but I’ve definitely wanted some random fatty foods that I wouldn’t typically crave. Often times I don’t even want it until it pops up on TV or if I see someone else eating it. In this case, my blog post is making me want some creamy, deconstructed Mexican street corn. And yes, I know that’s not the proper name for this dish and it’s obviously not prepared on the street, BUT the recipe is modeled after some to-die for Mexican street corn I ate once. It’s a very rich dish, so you’ll want to have something nutritious and light with this, but trust me, it’s delish!

Many [fancy] Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles are now serving this as a side and I’m not mad at it. The combination of the creamy cheese, lime, and Tajin are just……amazing. You know how real my Tajin obsession is so I’m sure I don’t need to convince you. Speaking of Tajin, now that summer is right around the corner I cannot wait to start having my daily watermelon-lime-Tajin snack. The ultimate pregnancy snack, if I do say so myself. Scroll down to get the full recipe for the corn.